Which model for Europe after the crisis and the Brexit saga? | University of Oxford

Which model for Europe after the crisis and the Brexit saga?

Thomas Wieser - Former EU Economic and President of EU Financial Committee
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St Antony's College
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The EU has more than once gone through a phase of reflection on how to deal with decision making in a grouping of countries with heterogeneous preferences: Europe à plusieurs vitesses, concentric circles, majority voting, and even a federal Europe are attempts to deal with the trade off between efficiency and legitimacy in decision making. In an EU of 28 this dilemma has proven to be more pronounced than ever, and politically even more difficult to deal with. Brexit would deepen some of the present divides, and therefore accentuate the need for reforming the way Member States organise their affairs. There is a need for more differentiation and for allowing for a higher degree of heterogeneity among Member States’ integration strategies whilst retaining and strengthening core elements of membership. A Europe of such „clubs“ would be more diverse, but stronger. It might even offer a perspective fort he UK in the longer run.