Turnitin User Group | University of Oxford

Turnitin User Group

14:00 - 15:30
IT Services
13 Banbury Road
Open meetings

The guest speaker will be Philippa O’Connor, Deputy Director, Education Policy Support, who will talk about the latest University rules and regulations for online submissions and the use of Turnitin.

Adam Marshall will discuss the WebLearn-Turnitin integration and the forthcoming new version of Turnitin called Feedback Studio.

There will be time for questions and discussion. The meeting will be followed by refreshments.

Visit the staff support site on Plagiarism awareness: https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/portal/hierarchy/info/plag

Join the Turnitin User Group site in WebLearn to access previous talks and receive email notifications: https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/portal/hierarchy/info/plag/tiiug.