Science of Constitutions Workshop: Success and Failure | University of Oxford

Science of Constitutions Workshop: Success and Failure

Denis Galligan, Monika Magyar, Frank Vibert, Finola Flanagan, Adam Bodnar, Daniel Smilov, Elham Fakhro, Cristobal Bellolio
9:30 - 4:30
St Catherine's College
Manor Road
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This workshop continues the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society's Science of Constitutions programme of research and discussion.

Part of the day will be an analysis of the variables affecting the success or failure of constitutions. Building on earlier discussions and publications (all available on the FLJS website), the workshop will advance understanding of the variables that affect the future effectiveness, durability and stability of the constitutional order.

The workshop participants will then discuss and analyse several constitutional systems that are undergoing major change or stress, including: Poland, Chile, Turkey, Myanmar and Thailand.

The objective, in the cases of Myranmar and Thailand, is to identify key factors in designing a new constitution, including assessing the influence of the constitution-making process.

For Chile, Poland and Turkey, the aim will be to examine points of stress and strain in their existing constitutional systems.