Rights After Brexit | University of Oxford

Rights After Brexit

Professor Alison Young, Anthony Barnett in discussion with Helena Kennedy
17:00 - 18:00
Mansfield College
Mansfield Road

Lecture Theatre

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Alison Young is Professor of Public Law at Oxford and a Fellows of Herford College. She is the author of "Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights Act" (2009) and "Citizen Engaged?".
Anthony Barnett is a former Director of Charter 88 and was co-founder of openDemocracy and Editor and Editor-in-Chief until 2007. He appears in the New Statesman and the Guardian, and is currently writing "What Next?: Britain after Brexit" (forthcoming 2017)
Baroness Helena Kennedy, QC is Principal of Mansfield College, a prominent barrister and a Labour member of the House of Lords. She is author of "Eve was Framed: Women and British Justice" (1992)