Power Shift 2014 Union Debate: This House believes that the City is no place for a lady | University of Oxford

Power Shift 2014 Union Debate: This House believes that the City is no place for a lady

The Honourable Michael J Beloff QC, Zenna Atkins, Mark Hart, Anne Richards, Jonathan Black
Saïd Business School
Park End Street

Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre

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The 2014 Oxford Power Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy will investigate the relationship between women and the world of finance.

For more than 2,000 years, women have been excluded from the system of money.  Often engaged in unpaid labour, usually barred from inheriting wealth, frequently forbidden to have bank accounts, and commonly unable to own property, women in the history of East and West have been effectively left out of the world of investment and credit.  Today, the prints of past exclusion can still be seen in laws and practices of developed and developing nations. 

Now, however, major institutions throughout the world are working together to create a more inclusive system to promote growth and equality. Power Shift 2014 will aim to uncover exclusionary practices, identify effective reforms, and celebrate champions of change.  

In this debate, two expert and passionate teams will battle it out on the motion: This House Believes That The City Is No Place for a Lady. Gender unfriendliness in financial centres will be challenged and exposed in an exchange that will be informative, but perhaps not entirely serious. At the end, audience members will have the chance to offer their own arguments, before voting "Aye" or "No". Seats will be given on first come first serve basis, and you will need to arrive at 17.00 for a prompt start at 17.30.