Poetic Battlefields: The First World War in Poetry | University of Oxford

Poetic Battlefields: The First World War in Poetry

Directed by Johann Reißer, spoken by Iwona Mickiewicz, Carolin Bohn, Julia Trompeter, Xaver Römer
17:30 - 19:00
St Hilda's College
Cowley Place

A multimedia performance on the poetry of the First World War given by a group of German performers and directed by German author Johann Reißer. The two-part programme will, in its first part, feature poems from 14 countries addressing the turn from preliminary war fever to the shock at the effects of industrialised mass war. The second part forms a tribute to the German poet Thomas Kling (1957-2005), drawing on poems that concern the aftermath and remembrance of WWI.

Entrance is free of charge, and all are welcome. Translations will be provided to accompany the multi-lingual performance. Contact in case of enquiries: