The New Regulatory Space: Reframing Democratic Governance | University of Oxford

The New Regulatory Space: Reframing Democratic Governance

Frank Vibert, Department of Government, London School of Economics
Social Science Library
Social Science Building
Manor Road

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In this lecture, Frank Vibert will argue that, in order to understand the evolving patterns of governance in modern democratic societies, we need to assess these systems not just in political terms, but in the context of the complex interplay of systems of social coordination — including the market, the law, regulation, and civil society. Of particular importance is the reliance on regulatory systems, in view of the fact that they are seen by some as ‘inferior’ and ‘crowding out’ other better systems, including democratic politics. He will demonstrate why such views are mistaken. Instead, he will argue that regulation has become the principal way to adjust relationships between different systems, as well as the predominant means by which we counter the adaptive bias toward the status quo in other systems.