Nanook of the North - A Live Soundtrack | University of Oxford

Nanook of the North - A Live Soundtrack

Dead Rat Orchestra
19:30 - 22:00
The North Wall Theatre
South Parade
£14 (Concessions £10)

One of the UK's most innovative ensembles, melding heart-rending improvisation with gritty folk and roots music, Dead Rat Orchestra provide their own live soundtrack to the classic, controversial and possibly first ever, feature length documentary 'Nanook of the North'. Released in 1922, R.J.Flaherty's film proclaims to portray "love and life in the actual arctic", following the so-called daily trials of Inuit people on the edges of the Arctic circle. A film not without its controversies, following the performance, Professor Marcus Banks (University of Oxford) leads discussion into the film's complexity, examining Flaherty's romanticised construction of a "pre-industrialised" Inuit family, and other ethical issues of representation and identity, plus post film Q & A.