Lord Nuffield’s great generosity to Oxford colleges | University of Oxford

Lord Nuffield’s great generosity to Oxford colleges

Liz Woolley, Local Historian
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16:00 - 17:00
Chapel, St Peter's College
New Inn Hall Street
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The Chapel

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Lectures and seminars
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St Peter's College welcomes you to a talk about Lord Nuffield, a leading figure in St Peter's early history.

William Morris, Lord Nuffield, probably did more than any other individual to transform Oxford in the twentieth century, physically, economically and socially. His success as an industrialist allowed him to become one of Britain’s most generous benefactors; he gave away the equivalent of £1.5 billion in today’s money, to causes including health, education and academic research. This talk looks specifically at Lord Nuffield’s vital support to various Oxford colleges, including the saving of St Peter’s from closure, and the founding of the college which bears his name, Nuffield College. It also explores his complex and sometimes difficult relationship with the university.

St Peter's College Chapel
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