The Future of Machine Learning | University of Oxford

The Future of Machine Learning

Professor Charlotte Deane, Professor Ard Louis, Professor Heather Harrington
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16:00 - 17:30
Rhodes House
South Parks Road
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Milner Hall

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Lectures and seminars
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How has machine learning accelerated scientific discovery and provided new insights in areas such as drug discovery, the workings of biological processes, and neural networks? How much further the machine learning revolution can take us and what it will mean for science and society?

Machine learning or artificial intelligence seems to be proposed as both the answer to every scientific and social question and an omnipresent threat. What could the future really hold? What is the potential for machine learning to revolutionise scientific practice and shape our world?

Join distinguished expert panellists and the 2019 Schmidt Science Fellows to discuss and debate the future of machine learning and to separate fact from myth.

We expect a lively and stimulating discussion, with the audience encouraged to ask questions and join the debate.