DANSOX: Sea of Troubles | University of Oxford

DANSOX: Sea of Troubles

Susie Crow, Yolande Yorke, dancers of Yorke Dance Company.
17:30 - 20:30
Jacqueline du Pré Music Building
St Hilda's College
Cowley Place
Lectures and seminars

A rehearsal/lecture demonstration on the reconstruction of Kenneth Macmillan's 1988 work based on Hamlet. 'Sea of Troubles' was originally created for Dance Advance in 1988, a company founded by a group of dancers who broke away from the Royal Ballet with the intention of creating and performing in their own works. Their venture was supported by MacMillan and he conceived a new work for the company based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Created for just six dancers, 'Sea Of Troubles' was designed to tour small venues and was performed by Dance Advance across the UK. Scottish Ballet adopted the work two years later and, while it has since been performed by other companies, it remains a work that is seldom seen.