Crystals at the Garden Exhibition | University of Oxford

Crystals at the Garden Exhibition

10 Jun 2014 to 28 Jun 2014
9:00 - 18:00
Botanic Garden
Rose Lane
Free with entrance to the University of Oxford Botanic Garden
Not required

An exhibition celebrating the UN International Year of Crystallography 2014. Visitors of all ages can learn about the magic, science, and chemistry of crystal structures at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. Studying crystals using X-ray crystallography can reveal their internal 3D structure. This exhibition highlights some historical and current chemistry research in Oxford that has taken advantage of this remarkable ability to 'see' materials at the atomic level, including medicines, antibiotics, dyes, and minerals. Since 2011 the Oxford Chemistry Department has collaborated with the Botanic Garden to showcase the chemistry of the natural world. As an extension of this we have developed “Crystals at the Garden,” a new exhibition for summer 2014.