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Ada, Lady Lovelace in the family papers

Mary Clapinson
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Weston Library
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The bicentenary in 2015 of the birth of Ada, Countess of Lovelace, daughter of the poet Lord Byron and his wife Anne Isabella Milbanke, has been marked for the most part by celebration of her contribution to work on Charles Babbage's analytical engines. Much more can be discovered about her personality and interests from her correspondence in the collection of Lovelace-Byron family papers deposited in the Bodleian. The lecture will follow Ada through her childhood and adolescence, her relationship with her mother, and her attitude to her father (who she never saw), her marriage to William, Lord King (later Earl of Lovelace), her life in London society and at Ashley Combe in Somerset, her children, Byron, Ralph and Anne, her love of music and riding, her problems with gambling and her untimely death in 1852.