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Balliol is one of the oldest and most diverse colleges. In the 19th century, it pioneered the selection of students solely on academic ability. This remains the cornerstone of our admissions policy: we are committed to attracting women and men of exceptional talent regardless of social, cultural or educational background. To honour this commitment, in 2012 Balliol appointed The David Freeman Outreach and Student Support Officer to develop our student recruitment, access and widening participation activities. You can discover more about our work on the college website. Our dynamic student community is drawn from a broad spectrum of schools within the UK, and also from the EU and overseas. Balliol is fortunate to be able to offer some of the most generous financial aid at Oxford to its students, alongside the support provided by the University.

Many prominent figures in public life, particularly in the 20th century, graduated from Balliol. The college has retained its reputation for high academic standards, combined with a friendly atmosphere and lively spirit of intellectual debate.

In 2009–2010 Balliol celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the admission of women undergraduates to the college with a number of events and a booklet.


Daily life focuses on Balliol’s site on Broad Street in the city centre, close to University libraries and many departments. Its modern annexe is five minutes away on Jowett Walk.

Accommodation and meals

All students are guaranteed college rooms for the first and final years of their course, with second year students often choosing to ‘live out’ in Oxford or take up rooms in the Jowett Walk building. All rooms are single study-bedrooms with free internet access. Student meals are served in hall and there is an optional scheme for pre-payment which is economical and increasingly popular. There is also a student-run Pantry (café) in the Junior Common Room (JCR) serving food and drink at subsidised rates. There are self-catering kitchenettes on the main site and in the new buildings. Accommodation and facilities for disabled students are available on the main site. Please contact us to discuss your needs before applying.


Balliol has one of the biggest college libraries, a law library and its own archives. There is a well-equipped computing room.

Balliol is proud to have one of the largest and most active student bodies in the University. The centre of undergraduate life is the JCR, which organises a number of social events during term time, as well as offering an entirely student-run bar and running the Pantry. The college also has a gym, a music room and a purpose-built studio theatre, as well as a range of sports facilities, including a boathouse. The chapel is a centre of worship for all denominations, and all of the major religious faiths are active in the college.

Balliol offers a wide range of access and hardship grants to assist students with their financial needs during their studies, and there are also special funds for research and travel.

Student societies

Balliol prides itself on its friendly atmosphere and diverse community. There are many student societies, some based on particular subjects; others, such as the sports, drama and music societies, bring together all sections of the college community.

Academic staff

Biological Sciences

Dr Sebastian Shimeld* 

Biomedical Sciences

see Medicine


Professor Dermot O’Hare*
Dr William Barford*
Dr Rachel Quarrell
Dr Grant Ritchie
Mr Will Smith
Ms Kimberley Whittaker

Computer Science

Professor Tom Melham*
Dr Edith Elkind*
Dr Nicholas Wu


Professor David Vines*
Dr James Forder*
Dr Richard Povey
Mr Simon Wan


Professor Dominic O’Brien*
Professor Robert Field*
Mr Brian Tang
Dr Jin-Chong Tan*
Dr David Clifton


Dr Seamus Perry*
Dr Adam Smyth*
Dr Kylie Murray*
Dr Daniel Tyler


Dr Sophie Marnette*
Dr Cecile Deer
Dr Valentina Gosetti
Dr Damian Mooney


Dr Ray Ockenden
Mr Ufuk Öfzëk

Greek (Modern)

Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou

Greek Literature

Dr Adrian Kelly*

History, Ancient

Dr Rosalind Thomas*
Dr Thom Russell

History, Modern

Dr Martin Conway*
Dr Simon Skinner*
Dr Lesley Abrams*
Dr John Bailey
Dr John-Paul Ghobrial*
Dr Andrew Tompkins
Mr Aled Davies
Dr Simon John


Dr Elena Lombardi*

Latin Literature

Dr Matthew Robinson*
Mr Stephen Chambers


Professor Timothy Endicott*
Dr Grant Lamond*
Mr Frederick Wilmot-Smith
Dr Barbara Havelkova*


Dr Sandra Paoli*


Professor Thomas Noe*
Ms Suellen Littleton


Professor Frances Kirwan*
Dr Giovanna Scataglini Belghitar
Dr Derek Moulton*
Dr Coralia Cartis*


Dr Lisa Walker*
Dr Piers Nye
Dr Martin Burton*
Professor Robin Choudhury*
Dr Andreas Auer
Professor Jonathan Bard
Professor Gillian Morriss-Kay
Professor Manuela Zaccolo*
Dr Nele Demeyere
Dr Arthur Thomas
Ms Victoria Bajo Lorenzana

Oriental Studies

The Revd Dr Douglas Dupree*


Dr David Wallace*
Dr Ofra Magidor* 
Dr Rowland Stout
Dr William Lanier
Dr Damien Storey


Dr Armin Reichold*
Professor Andre Lukas*
Dr David Lucas*
Dr Christopher Palmer


Dr Sudhir Hazareesingh*
Dr Scot Peterson*
Dr Daniel Butt*
Mr Max Thompson


Dr Maria Donapetry

Student welfare


The Revd Dr Douglas Dupree*


The Revd Dr Douglas Dupree*

Women's Adviser:

Dr Lisa Walker*

*Fellow of the college


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