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The Oxford student voice

Oxford must become a fairer and more equal community. We are a movement of over a thousand Oxford University students who come from extraordinarily diverse backgrounds, and who are committed to working both with the University and potential applicants to it to achieve our aims. These are simple: to ensure that anyone feels able to apply to Oxford regardless of their background, and to make them feel welcome once they arrive.

Last week we sent the letter below to the Guardian to ensure that our voice – the student voice – is heard. We hope this letter marks the start of a constructive conversation.

Holly Unwin and Benjamin Fernando

Dear Guardian Editors,

As a community of more than 1,100 current students at Oxford, over 250 of whom identify as being from an ethnic minority, we are saddened by the discussion surrounding the release of the University’s admissions statistics. The data confirm what we already know – although many of us work consistently in undertaking outreach and improving access, there remains significant room for improvement. Tackling this is a challenge that none of us can shirk from.

However, we firmly believe that anyone may come to study at Oxford. We wholeheartedly encourage all young people (no matter their background) to apply, and trust that they will find a community ready to welcome and support them, as we have. We will continue to invest significant effort in increasing diversity at the university and ensuring that disadvantaged groups are better represented. All we ask is that those who have shone a spotlight on these issues will now help us to solve them, else we fear that all this data release will have achieved is dissuading applications from those we most want to apply.

Yours faithfully,

(1,170 signatories)

Aaron Kiernan, St Catherine's College
Aaron Smith, Magdalen College
Abhisvara Sinha, Keble College 
Abi Harindra, Keble College
Abigail Dallas, St Hilda's College
Abigail Motley, Jesus College
Abigail Peake, Mansfield College
Adam Bradbury , Keble College
Adam Crellin, Harris Manchester College
Adam Ferguson, Keble College
Adam Husain, Brasenose College
Adam Morris, Lady Margaret Hall
Adam Takar, Exeter College
Adedoyin Awofisayo-Okuyelu, Linacre College
Adisorn Panasawatwong, Trinity College
Aditi Aggarwal , Lincoln College
Adrian White, St Hugh's College
Afsaneh Mohammadzaheri, Exeter College
Agastya Pisharody, St Edmund Hall
Ailbhe Rea, Wadham College
Ailsa McKinlay, Corpus Christi College
Ailsa Williams , St Edmund Hall 
Aimée Jacquemot, St Hugh's College
Aimee Ross, St John's College
Aine Kennedy, Keble College
Aizuddin Mohamed Anuar, Kellogg College
Akash Trivedi, Wolfson College
Akila Shakir , Green Templeton College
Akshay Bilolikar, Corpus Christi College
Alastair Lane, Keble College
Albert Sowerby-Davies, Worcester College
Aled Walker, Magdalen College
Alex Carroll, Trinity College
Alex Hayes, Keble College 
Alex Homer, Wolfson College
Alex Maguire, St Catherine's College
Alex Nash, Somerville College
Alex Nnadi, Hertford College
Alex Porter, Keble College 
Alex Prior, The Queen's College
Alex Townsend-Teague, St Catherine's College
Alex Tsui, Lincoln College
Alex Waygood, Oriel College
Alex Wilson, St John's College
Alexander Curtis, St Catherine's College
Alexander Emery, Keble College
Alexander Grassam-Rowe, Corpus Christi College
Alexander Hardwick, Magdalen College
Alexander Howell, Trinity College
Alexander McDaniel, St Hugh's College
Alexander McKendrick, Lincoln College
Alexander Rowe-Jones, University College
Alexandra Pugh, St Hilda's College
Alexandra Rollings, New College
Alexandra Taylor, The Queen's College
Alexandre Szenicer, Linacre College
Ali Wathan, Somerville College
Alice Craft, Hertford College
Alice Hadley, Somerville College
Alice Maria Camilleri Burke, Balliol College
Alice Maynes, Hertford College
Alice Schwarze, Pembroke College
Alice Shepherd, The Queen's College
Alice Wright, Lady Margaret Hall
Alicia Fisher , Hertford College
Alicia Kaupp-Roberts, Somerville College
Alicia Smith, The Queen's College
Alissa Hummer, St Catherine's College
Alissa Machin, The Queen's College
Alistair Leitch, Jesus College
Alvin Tan, The Queen's College
Alvina Adimoelja, Corpus Christi College
Alyssa Crabb, Somerville College
Aman Majid, New College
Amani Krayem, Lady Margaret Hall
Amber Borowiec, Hertford College
Ameena Malak, St Hilda's College
Amelia Chu , Keble College 
Amie Campbell, St Catherine's College
Amina Clayton, Lady Margaret Hall
Amna Ali , New College
Amy Baker, Brasenose College
Amy Broderick, Keble College 
Amy Dicks, University College
Amy Franklin, Hertford College
Amy Kerr, Lady Margaret Hall
Amy Tomkins, Hertford College
Amy Young, St Anne's College
Ana Pagu, St Edmund Hall
Ana Roomans Ledo, Magdalen College
Anastasia Putt, The Queen's College
Anastasya Larasati, Corpus Christi College
Andi Marsh, Balliol College
Andrea Peruffo, Linacre College
Andrew Garratt, Mansfield College
Andy Wang, Somerville College
Angela Matheickal , Somerville College 
Anisha Chopra , St Hilda's College
Anna Broughton, Trinity College
Anna Duff, Keble College
Anna Gee, Somerville College
Anna Griffin, The Queen's College
Anna Guariento, Pembroke College
Anna Isabelle Villafuerte, St Cross College
Anna Jones, Somerville College
Anna McKie, The Queen's College
Anna Mikkelborg, Nuffield College
Anna Sharp, The Queen's College
Anna Skaria, Keble College
Anna Valentine, Mansfield College
Anna Wawrzonkowska, Oriel College
Annabel Lawrence, New College
Annalise Halsall, Lady Margaret Hall
Annie Zykova, Lady Margaret Hall
Anoop Dey, Hertford College
Antoinette Cowling, Jesus College
Anton Blackburn, Jesus College
Antoni Porayski-Pomsta, Brasenose College
Aoife Lyford, St Peter's College
Arabella McMenamin Walshe, Wadham College
Arthur Eastwood, Somerville College
Arya Tandon, Hertford College
Asa Kerr-Davis, Jesus College
Ashley Dam, Jesus College
Ashmita Randhawa, St Cross College
Ashvin Prabaker, Merton College
Ashwin Braude, St Cross College
Atticus Stonestrom, St Hilda's College
Atty Abhyankar, Brasenose College
Audrey Lee, St Edmund Hall
Aurelija Ippolito, New College
Avnish Nijjar, Balliol College
Ayesha Musa, Jesus College
Beatrix Dyer , St Hilda's College
Beattie Sturrock, Balliol College
Becca Elson, New College
Becca Young, Oriel College
Becky Todd, Somerville College
Beinn Khulusi, The Queen's College
Ben Gutteridge, New College
Ben Lakeland, Corpus Christi College
Ben Malpas, St Anne's College
Ben Tindal, Worcester College
Ben Young, Jesus College
Benedict Winchester, Corpus Christi College
Benedikt Kuhnhaeuser, Brasenose College
Benjamin Fernando, St Edmund Hall
Benjamin Gowers, Merton College
Benjamin Gray, Balliol College
Benjamin Hilton, St Edmund Hall
Benjamin Lavelle, Pembroke College
Benjamin Schott, St Benet's Hall
Benjamin Walker, Balliol College
Bernardo Gutierrez, Pembroke College
Beth Kitson, Balliol College
Bethan Hughes, Merton College
Bethan James, Somerville College
Bethan McGregor, Pembroke College
Bethany Atkin, Jesus College
Bethany Lucas , Keble College
Beverly Leon, Green Templeton College
Bianca Gillam, The Queen's College
Billy Black, University College
Blue Weiss, St Hilda's College
Bradley Johnson, Brasenose College
Bradley Logan, Trinity College
Bryony Perham, Somerville College
Caitlin Brown, Keble College 
Caitlin Knights , New College
Caitlin Law, Lady Margaret Hall
Caitlin Tickell, Balliol College
Calla Randall, Magdalen College
Callum Harries, St John's College
Callum Jones, Somerville College
Callum Loader, St Catherine's College
Callum Tipple, Hertford College
Calum McIntyre, Somerville College
Cam Seymour, Somerville College
Cameron East, St Hugh's College
Cameron Gardner, Lincoln College
Camilla Chen, St Edmund Hall
Carl Ohman, Merton College
Caroline Dehn, Brasenose College
Caroline Ward, Balliol College
Carys Greenaway, Mansfield College
Catherine Batchelor, Hertford College
Catherine Johnson, St Edmund Hall
Catherine Xu, St Anne's College
Catrin Haberfield, Somerville College
Catriona Ellis, Trinity College
Cecilia Jay, Somerville College
Charani Dharmawardhane, Kellogg College
Charlene Rodrigues, Green Templeton College
Charles Calver, Kellogg College
Charles Coomer, Magdalen College
Charles Hutchings, Lincoln College
Charlie Blake, St Catherine's College
Charlie Clarke-Williams, St Edmund Hall
Charlie Howley, Lady Margaret Hall
Charlie Troup, The Queen's College
Charlotte Anstey, Oriel College
Charlotte Atkins, St Catherine's College
Charlotte Cossins, Trinity College
Charlotte Farmer, Lady Margaret Hall
Charlotte Ferguson, Corpus Christi
Charlotte Gruender, Linacre College
Charlotte Marris, St Peter's College
Charlotte Robinson, Lady Margaret Hall
Charlotte Ryder, St John's College
Charlotte Searle, Pembroke College
Charlotte Sefton , St Catherine's College
Charlotte Tosti, Trinity College
Charm Legrand, St Catherine's College
Cherelle Malongo, Lady Margaret Hall
Chiara Sanchez, St Hilda's College
Chloe Lettington, Mansfield College
Chris Ellison, Lady Margaret Hall
Chris Pegrum, Lincoln College
Christopher Bellchambers, Worcester College
Christopher Gothard, Magdalen College
Christopher Stern, Magdalen College
Christos Krastev, Magdalen College
Ciara Luxton, Christ Church College
Claire Hammett, Lincoln College
Claire Otasowie, Trinity College
Claire Soh, The Queen's College
Clare Leckie, St Catherine's College
Clare Tierney, St John's College
Clare Wolfle, Corpus Christi College
Clarisse Pierre, St Catherine's College
Claudia Haindl, University College
Claudia Watson, Lady Margaret Hall
Cole Horton, Balliol College
Colin Moody, Brasenose College
Connor Haseley, Pembroke College
Connor Scott, Somerville College
Connor Thirlwell, Lady Margaret Hall
Conor Carleton, St Anne's College
Conrad Bannister, Trinity College
Corina Hadjicharalambous, St Hugh's College
cyprien denolle, St Anne's College
Dan Lo, St Hilda's College
Dan Smith, Brasenose College
Dane Rogers, Merton College/St Hilda's College
Daniel de Wijze, St Hugh's College
Daniel Hall, St Catherine's
Daniel Hannah, Somerville College
Daniel Roberts, Keble College
Daniel Thomson, Trinity College
Daniela Massiceti, Pembroke College
Daniele Zurbruegg, Brasenose College
Danielle Groves, St Catherine's College
Darrion Mohan, New College
Darsh Kodwani, St Hugh's College
David Ferguson, Hertford College
Davina Forth , Exeter College
Deborah Cotton, Pembroke College
Declan Marshall, St Catherine's College
Declan Miller, University College
Demetris Ioannides, Lady Margaret Hall
Devon Armstrong , Regent’s Park College
Diana Yazovskaya, Trinity College
Dina Khadum, St John's College
Dina Traykova, Wadham College
Diren Ozcelik, Mansfield College
Disha Anand, Brasenose College
Dominique Vassie, Somerville College
Dougal Main, St Anne's College
Ed Audland, The Queen's College
Ed Bithell, The Queen's College
Edmund Flett, New College
Edmund Garnett, Magdalen College
Edmund Jones, St Edmund Hall
Edward Clennett, Exeter College
Edward Hart, Corpus Christi College
Edward Kandel, Somerville College
Edward Peckston, Brasenose College
Edward Smith, Magdalen College
Edward Tolmie, The Queen's College
Efosa Edobor, Lincoln College
Eileen Coughlan, Balliol College
Eilidh Antonia Wilson, Somerville College
Elana Sulakshana, St Edmund Hall
Eleanor Begley , Exeter College
Eleanor Bourne, St Catherine's College
Eleanor Burton, The Queen's College
Eleanor Collard, The Queen's College
Eleanor Frew, Hertford College
Eleanor MacLeod, The Queen's College
Eleanor Myerson, St Hilda's College
Eleanor Shearer, Nuffield College
Eleanor Sinfield, Lincoln College
Eleanor Thompson, Somerville College
Eleanor Van Vogt, Hertford College
Eleanor Williams, University College
Elena Burges, Hertford College
Eleonora Narbone, St Anne's College
Eleri Watson, The Queen's College
Elise Shepley, St Catherine's College
Elizabeth Bosson, Somerville College
Elizabeth Fry, St Edmund Hall
Elizabeth Griffiths, St Edmund Hall
Elizabeth Hoyle, The Queen's College
Elizabeth Kent, The Queen's College
Elizabeth Partridge , Hertford College
Elizabeth Raine, St Edmund Hall
Ella Davies, Somerville College
Ella Glover, St Catherine's College
Ella Peake, The Queen's College
Ellen Brewster, Exeter College
Ellen King, Somerville College
Ellen Schallig, Magdalen College
Ellie Chatwin, St Hilda's College
Ellie Jaques, Lincoln College
Ellie Vickery, Trinity College
Elliott Harman, Jesus College
Elodie Read, Jesus College
Eloise Bagg , St Hilda's College
Eloise Donovan, New College
Eloise McAllister, The Queen's College
Elsa Wakeman, Brasenose College
Elvis Anoma-Amoabeng, Trinity College
Emilia Cieslak, Keble College
Emilia Skirmuntt, St Hilda's College
Emilie Rapport Munro, St Anne's College
Emily Adams, Christ Church College
Emily Ball, St Catherine's College
Emily Barter, Jesus College
Emily Foster, Corpus Christi College
Emily Glancey, Balliol College
Emily Herbert, Lady Margaret Hall
Emily Keen, Corpus Christi College
Emily Louise, Somerville College
Emily Mediate, Magdalen College
Emily Pagden, Hertford College
Emily Scott, St Peter's College
Emily Simpson, Corpus Christi College
Emily Swift, Christ Church College
Emily Venn, The Queen's College
Emily Westlake, Keble College
Emily Wilder, Magdalen College
Emma Corris, Pembroke College
Emma Espinosa, Worcester College
Emma Howlett, Balliol College
Emma Hughes, Exeter College
Emma Osborne, St Catherine's College
Emma Reynolds, The Queen's College
Emma Rumford, Hertford College
Emma Watts, St Anne's College
Emma Woodcock , St Catherine's College
Emma-Jane Hampsheir-Gill, Mansfield College
Emmanuel Amissah-Eshun, Somerville College
Esin Akdogan, Mansfield College
Esme Carter, Wadham College
Esther Griesbach, Lincoln College
Esther Hung, St Catherine's College
Esther Hung, St Catherine's College
Euan Friend, University College
Eva Newton, St Hilda's College
Eva O'Sullivan, St Catherine's College
Eve Mason, The Queen's College
Evie Atmore, Wadham College
Fabienne Marshall, Hertford College
Falk Hemsing, St Hilda's College
Faryal Amir, Green Templeton College
Felix Peterken, Balliol College
Felix Walker, University College
Fenella Sentance, Hertford College
Ferdinando Randisi, Lincoln College
Fergus Boyles, Brasenose College
Fergus Green, Balliol College
Finbar Kavanagh, Somerville College
Finn Conway, Balliol College
Finn McQueen, Somerville College
Fiona Buchanan, Kellogg College
Fiona Larner, St Catherine's College
Fiona Lin, Lady Margaret Hall
Flo Holt, Regent's Park College
Flo Ward, St Catherine's College
Florence Darwen, The Queen's College
Florence Hurley, New College
Fran Green-Armytage, Somerville College
Frances Dowle , Jesus College
Francesca di Lorenzo, Oriel College
Frankie Bell Davies, Lincoln College
Fraser MacDonald-Lister, Keble College
Frazer Martin, St Catherine's College
Freddie Wiles, Lady Margaret Hall
Freddy Blake, New College
Freddy Potts, Balliol College
Frederick Follows, Trinity College
Frederick Wolff, Wadham College
Freya Rock, Lady Margaret Hall
Gabriel Bather, Mansfield College
Gaby Kaza, St Catherine's College
Gatis Mikelsons, Jesus College
Gaurav Agarwal, Balliol College
Gayatri Tadikamalla, Lincoln College
Gemma O'Sullivan, Lincoln College
Gemma Smale, The Queen's College
Geordie Macdonald, Trinity College
George Buckley, Lady Margaret Hall
George Cooper, Balliol College
George Millo, Lady Margaret Hall
George Singleton, New College
George Stannard, New College
George Tall, St Edmund Hall
George Willment, St Anne's College
Georgia Edgley , Somerville College
Georgia Sandars, St Catherine's College
Georgia Scurfield, St Hilda's College
Georgia Watts, Balliol College
Georgina Fooks, Merton College
Georgina Hayward, St Peter's College
Georgina Quach, St Catherine's College
Gerda Mickute, Somerville College
Gil Chambers, St Catherine's College
Grace Barrington, Regent's Park College
Grace Colverd, The Queen's College
Grace Davis, Hertford College
Graham Mogridge, Pembroke College
Greta Thompson, The Queen's College
Guy Ferguson, The Queen's College
Gwen Antell, St John's College
Gwen O'Driscoll, Lincoln
Hallam Tuck, St Antony's College
Hanna Bostrom, Exeter College
Hanna Schnitzer, Lady Margaret Hall
Hannah Al-Qaryooti, Keble College
Hannah Asiki, Somerville College
Hannah Berry, Trinity College
Hannah Coles, Keble College
Hannah Cornwall, Green Templeton College
Hannah Fuchs, St Catherine's College
Hannah Hodges, St Peter's College
Hannah Jackson, Lincoln College
Hannah Patel, Linacre College
Hannah Sheridan, Lady Margaret Hall
Hannah Watkin, Hertford College
Hannie Lawlor, Wolfson College
Hanzhi Zhang, Magdalen College
Harriet Taylor, Lincoln College
Harriet Thomas, Hertford College
Harriette Drew, The Queen's College
Harry Berry, Balliol College
Harry Croasdale, The Queen's College
Harry Freeman, Keble College
Harry Lines, Kellogg College
Harry Mason, Wadham College
Harry Nuttall, Lincoln College
Harry Rawcliffe , New College
Harry Trevelyan, St Hugh's College
Harveen Judge, Keble College 
Haseem Shah, St Edmund Hall
Hassan Ali, Christ Church College
Hattie Morrison, Christ Church College
Haydee Thomas, Balliol College
Hayley Knights, Wadham College
Hazel Ferguson, Somerville College
Heather Dun, Linacre College
Heather Tong, St Catherine's College
Heba Jalil, University College
Hector Stinton, Keble College 
Hedda Roberts, St Catherine's College
Heledd Parry, Lincoln College
Helen Clay, St Anne's College
Helen Norman, Lincoln College
Helena Watson, Somerville College
Heli Helanummi-Cole, Balliol College
Henry Carter, Corpus Christi College
Henry Hodgson, The Queen's College
Henry Lewis, The Queen's College
Hermione Harrison, St Hugh's College
Hetty Hopkinson, St Hilda's College
Hibba Mazhary, St Catherine's College
Hila Levy, St John's College
Hollie Macdonald, Wadham College
Holly Armstrong, Balliol College
Holly Dempster-Edwards, St Hilda's College
Holly Kilner, Hertford College
Holly Metcalf, University College
Holly Roach, Pembroke College
Holly Smith, St Catherine's College
Holly Unwin, University College
Holly Winch, Trinity College
Hope Davidson, Balliol College
Hope Hopkinson, Trinity College
Hugo O'Grady, St Edmund Hall
Huw Robinson, Somerville College
Huw Thomas, Corpus Christi College
Ian Foo, Exeter College
Ileesha Singh, Keble College
Ilona Clayton, Somerville College
Iman Jamil, Trinity College
Imogen Edwards-Lawrence, Trinity College
Imogen Downing, St Catherine's College
Imogen Howarth, The Queen's College
Imogen Lawlor, Lady Margaret Hall
Imogen Laycock, Somerville College
Imogen Lewis , Hertford College
Imogen Ramskill, The Queen's College
Imogen Thrussell, University College
India Parker, Somerville College
India Phillips, St Catherine's College
Inga Steinberg, Green Templeton College
Inigo Howe, St Catherine's College
Isaac Evans, Lady Margaret Hall
Isaac Pockney, Hertford College
Isabel Carter, St Anne's College
Isabel Galwey, St Hilda's College
Isabel Roberts, Wadham College
Isabella Rooney, St Peter's College
Isabella Tree, Lincoln College
Isabelle Pickett, University College
Ishika Prachee, Green Templeton College
Isis Kearney, Balliol College
Isla Duporge, Lady Margaret Hall
Isobel Hambleton, Keble College
Isobel Hettrick, Somerville College
Isobel Losseff, Lincoln College
Isobel Robb, New College
Israa Abu-Mahfouz, St Peter's College
Izzy Beaudoin, Magdalen College
Jack Clover, University College
Jack Laverick, Merton College
Jack Schofield, Christ Church College
Jack Slater, St Edmund Hall
Jack Spence, St Edmund Hall
Jack Weatherilt, Balliol College
Jack Wilson, The Queen's College
Jack Womack, Balliol College
Jacob Alston, The Queen's College
Jacob Farrelly, St Peter's College
Jacob Hamilton, Hertford College
Jacob Mason White, University College
Jacqueline Gray, Lincoln College
Jade Kinton , Exeter College
Jade White, New College
Jai Thakrar-Curtis, Balliol College
Jake Davies, The Queen's College
Jake Lamplough, Trinity College
Jake Thorold, Exeter College
James Bruce, Corpus Christi College
James Canning , University College 
James Dahlgreen, St Anne's College
James Edwards, St Anne's College
James Edwards, Trinity College
James Gourley, St Peter's College
James Hobson, Oriel College
James Isbister, The Queen's College
James Le Cornu, Lincoln College
James Lewis, Wolfson College
James Morgan, Wadham College
James Pidgeon, Somerville College
James Strachan, Trinity College
Jamie Barnes, Balliol College
Jamie Findlay, Linacre College
Jamie Russell, Christ Church College
Janpreet Khabra, New College
Jasmin Sahota, St Catherine's College
Jasmine Rand, Brasenose College
Jason Waite, Christ Church College
Javier Pardo Diaz, Keble College
Jeevan Ravindran, Keble College
Jek Woo, St Catherine’s College
Jem Bosatta, St Catherine's College
Jemima Walker, St Catherine's College
Jenny Censin, Lincoln College
Jesper Svensson, St Edmund Hall
Jess Bollands, Somerville College
Jessica Brown, Somerville College
Jessica Ellins, Pembroke College
Jessica Hamby, Keble College 
Jessica Macdonald , Somerville College
Jessica Martin, The Queen's College
Jessica Mendall, Somerville College
Jessica Neilan, St Catherine's College
Jessica Ulisse, Keble College
Jessica Vyas, Keble College
Jessica Wang, Christ Church College
Jessy McCabe, St Hugh's College
Jhanie Fender, St Hilda's College
Jiachen Liang, St Edmund Hall
Jiaqi Kang, St Catherine's College
Joan Zhang, St Anne's College
Jocelyn Barker, Exeter College
Joe Inwood, Mansfield
Joe Johnson, The Queen's College
Joe MacConnell, St Catherine's College
Joe Rattue, Somerville College
Joel Footring, St John's College
John Merrington, Somerville College
John Myers, Corpus Christi College
John Wadsworth, Mansfield College
Jonas Sandbrink, Trinity College
Jonathan Bowering, Keble College
Jonathan Christie, Trinity College
Jonathan Evans, Lady Margaret Hall
Jonathan Page, Lady Margaret Hall
Jonathan Stark, Somerville College
Jono Taylor, Magdalen College
Jordan Greenwood, St Catherine's College
Joseph Bartram, St John's College
Joseph Baverstock-Poppy, Hertford College
Joseph Bush, New College
Joseph Gage, Lady Margaret Hall
Joseph Hamley, St Catherine's College
Joseph Hankinson, Balliol College
Joseph McGrath Williams, Christ Church College
Joseph Mead, Pembroke College
Joseph Nathan, St Edmund Hall
Joseph Tulloch, The Queen's College
Joseph Welford, The Queen's College
Joshua Bell, Corpus Christi College
Joshua Dorrington, Linacre College
Joshua Jones, Balliol College
Joshua Stimson, Keble College
Joshua Tilley, Balliol College
Josiah McNeil, The Queen's College
Josie Ediss, Wadham College
Jovin Leong, Harris Manchester College
Joy Wang, Jesus College
Jude Hunt, St Catherine's College
Jude Lewis, Hertford College
Julia Camps, St Edmund Hall
Julia Laganowska, Corpus Christi College
Julia Muller, Worcester College
Julia Pieza, Trinity College
Julia Standish-White, Jesus College
Kai Xuan Ong, The Queen's College
Kaiman Cheung, St Catherine's College
Kalina Naidoo , St Catherine's College 
Kate Hale, University College
Kate Partridge, Pembroke College
Katharina Kirchhof, Corpus Christi College
Katharina Laszlo, St Peter's College
Katharine Knight, Green Templeton College
Katherine Furness-Reed, Brasenose College
Katherine Knight, University College
Katherine Matthews, The Queen's College
Katherine Seaborne, St Catherine's College
Katherine Wingate, Merton College
Kathryn Rankin, Wadham College
Kathryn Wake, St Peter's College
Katie Burke, Hertford College
Katie Chester, Hertford College
Katie Inch, Somerville College
Katie Meynell, Trinity College
Katie Sayer, Brasenose College
Katie Winstanley, Keble College
Katy Husband, Balliol College
Katy Jenkinson, Lady Margaret Hall
Kayla Kim, New College
Kei Patrick, Wadham College
Kelsey Lovell, University College
Kenny Gyu Ho Jeong, Balliol College
Khazna Chami, Mansfield College
Kieran Marray, St Catherine's College
Kim Jacobsen, Balliol College
Konnar Lambert-Smith, Trinity College
Kristina Fox, Brasenose College
Krupa Ravi, Lincoln College
Kusal Lokuge, St Edmund Hall
Kyra Leyland, Hertford College
Laetitia Pilgrim, The Queen's College
Lakeem Rose, St John's College
Lama Alhelou, Jesus College
Lamis Hamdi , St Hilda's College
Lamisah Mukta, New college 
Lara Adamczyk, Wadham College
Lara Scheibli, University College
Laura Day, The Queen's College
Laura Gonzalez, Wolfson College
Laura Hudson, Hertford College
Laura McCann, Wadham College
Laura Neuhaus, Lady Margaret Hall
Laura Wilsmore, Lady Margaret Hall
Lauren Blum, St Catherine's College
Lauren Burke, The Queen's College
Lauren Davis, St Hilda's College
Lauren Forwood, St Hugh's College
Lavanya Ganatra, St Edmund Hall
Lavanya Sinha, St Edmund Hall
Lawrence Green, St Edmund Hall
Layal Liverpool, St Edmund Hall
Leasha John, Oriel College
Leila Hassan, The Queen's College
Leila Hill, The Queen's College
Leila Parry, Keble College
Leila Roberts, Wadham College
Lennaert Woudt, Brasenose College
Leo Kershaw, Lady Margaret Hall
Leo Maedje, Jesus College
Leonie Cater, Hertford College
Lewis Arthurton, Lincoln College
Liam Saddington, St Catherine's College
Lillie Hinkle, Kellogg College
Lily Goldblatt , Balliol College
Lily Niles, Hertford College
Lin Shi, St Antony's College
Linde Wester, St Edmund Hall
Lisa Kladitis, St Catherine's College
Livia Dewaele, Worcester College
Loïc Lannelongue, Mansfield College
Lois Williams, Jesus College
Lola Dickinson, St Hilda's College
Lola Grieve, St Catherine's College
Louie Holder, St Anne's College
Louis Claxton, St John's College
Louise Earnshaw, Lady Margaret Hall
Louise Edge, Oriel College
Louise O'Rourke, Somerville College
Luca Hargitai, Christ Church College
Lucas Orchard-Clark, Balliol College
Lucia Akard , Linacre College
Lucia Svecova, Jesus College
Lucie Ayliffe-Daly , Lincoln College
Lucie Davidson, Jesus College
Lucy Coull, New College
Lucy Cross, Lincoln College
Lucy Mellor, Oriel College
Lucy Miles, Keble College
Lucy Oswald, Hertford College
Lucy Song, Nuffield College
Luke Dale , Keble College 
Luke Ralphs-Davies, University College
Luke Roberts, Corpus Christi College
Lydia Benazaize, Hertford College
Lydia Bockmuehl, Trinity College
Lydia Earthy, Exeter College
Lydia Parker, The Queen's College
Lydia Parkes, Hertford College
Lyuba Bozhilova, Pembroke College
Maaike Zwart, Worcester College
Maan Al-Yasiri, Brasenose College
Madalene Smith, Oriel College
Maddy Diment, St Catherine's College
Madeleine Burrell, Hertford College
Madeleine Chalmers, Trinity College
Madeleine Leggett, St John's College
Madeleine McCarthy, St Catherine's College
Madeleine Morrison, St Edmund Hall
Madeleine O'Connor, New College
Maga Flores-Trevino, Somerville College
Mahfuza Khan, The Queen's College
Manish Binukrishnan, Brasenose College
Marc Pacitti, Balliol College
Marcel Stolz, Oriel College
Marceline Bresson, St Edmund Hall
Marco Narajos, Green Templeton College 
Marcus Williamson, Trinity College
Margo Munro Kerr, Wadham College
Marguerite Wassermann, New College
Maria Alfaro, University College
Maria Dance, Wolfson College
Mariam Nouh, Mansfield College
Marianna Spring, Pembroke College
Marianne Louis-Auguste, Hertford College
Marianne Melsen, Green Templeton College
Marina Hackett, Jesus College
Marina Lambrakis, St John's College
Marina Scholtz, The Queen's College
Mark Chonofsky, Exeter College
Mark Giza, The Queen's College
Mark Smith, Jesus College
Markham, New College
Marta Pienkowska-Cote, Wolfson College
Marte van der Graaf, The Queen's College
Martin Dehnel-Wild, New College
Martin Tweedie, Oriel College
Martina Villa, St Antony's College
Mary George, St Peter's College
Mary Nguyen, Kellogg College
Maryam Watson, Merton College
Mason Williams , Somerville College
Matt Barnfield, Keble College
Matt Sutton, St Edmund Hall
Matthew Bailey, St Edmund Hall
Matthew Bilton, Magdalen College
Matthew Cherukara, Hertford College
Matthew Hewlett, Brasenose College
Matthew Hines, The Queen's College
Matthew Kerr, Harris Manchester
Matthew Kirtley, St Anne's College
Matthew Lloyd, Hertford College
Matthew Oxley, St Catherine's College
Matthew Patience, St Edmund Hall
Matthew Patterson, Oriel College
Matthew Peach, Pembroke College
Matthew Peters, St Catherine's College
Matthew Shipp, St Catherine's College
Max Bowman, Somerville College
Max McCrea, St Anne's College
Maya Raman Jones, Keble College 
Maya Siegel, Kellogg College
Mayu Noda, St Catherine's College
Megan Black, St Hugh's College
Megan Cave, Keble College
Megan Greenough, Wadham College
Megan Kinniment, Hertford College
Megan Scott, Nuffield College
Megan Smith, St Catherine's College
Megan Thornley, The Queen's College
Meindert Peters, New College
Meirian Evans, St Catherine's College
Melissa Boyce-Hurd , Somerville College
Meryem Arik, Somerville College
Mharab Choudhury, Magdalen College
Mia Liyanage, Balliol College
Mia Parnall, St Catherine's College
Michael Ahrens, St Catherine's College
Michael Angerer, Oriel College
Michael Delgado, St Catherine's College
Michael Green, Keble College
Michael Jackson, Mansfield College
Michael Zaayman, Corpus Christi College
Michelle Chin, Christ Church College
Michelle Huang, Somerville College
Miina Hiilloskivi, Balliol College
Milan Kloewer, Jesus College
Milind Sood, Trinity College
Millie Wid, St Catherine's College
Milo Reynolds, Merton College
Minahil Mujahid , St Anne's College
Miranda Ryan, Hertford College
Miriam Tomusk, Corpus Christi College
Mitch Gooding, St Peter's College
Mitch Mainstone, Hertford College
Mo Iman, Somerville College
Mollie Cross, Balliol College
Molly Flaherty, Lady Margaret Hall
Molly innes, Lady Margaret Hall
Molly Nichols, The Queen's College
Molly Songer, St Catherine's College
Molly Williams, St Catherine's College
Morgan Elsmore, Trinity College
Moses Rottenberg, Somerville College
Mujin Choi, St Catherine's College
Myah Popat, Pembroke College
Myra Ali, St Antony's College
Myrto Aspioti, St John's College
Nabeela Zaman, University College
Nabil Hudda, St Antony's College
Naeem Iqbal, Magdalen College
Nahida Khanom, St Catherine's College
Nandana Syam, Somerville College
Naomi Housego Day, Hertford College
Naomi Packer , Exeter College
Narishma Kotecha, St Catherine's College
Natalie Tong, St Hilda's College
Natalie Usher, Wolfson College
Natalie Whitham, University College
Natasha Jones, St Peter's College
Nathalie Cauchi, Kellogg College
Nathalie Kantarisdiaz, Pembroke College
Nathan Adams, New College
Nathan Appanna, Hertford College
Nathan Geyer, St Catherine's College
Navin Cooray, St Cross College
Niall Macklin, Somerville College
Niamh Walshe, Somerville College
Nicholas Elliott, Somerville College
Nicholas Kenny, Trinity College
Nicholas Sale, New College
Nick Trapp, Merton College
Nicole Chow , Lincoln College
Nikhil Krishna, Trinity College
Nikita Dheer , New College
Nina Billows, Somerville College
Nina Crisp, Lady Margaret Hall
Nina Klein, Wolfson College
Nina Turnbull, Hertford College
Nina Wieretilo, St Catherine's College
Noah Harrison, St Catherine's College
Noam Vogt-Vincent, St Anne's College
Noé Michalon, Kellogg College
Nuha Ansar, Exeter College
Nupur Patel, Lincoln College
Nyssa Muheim, Balliol College
Oliver Croker, Lady Margaret Hall
Oliver Gittings, Lady Margaret Hall
Olivia Aarons, Balliol College
Olivia Creber, Somerville College
Olivia Mappin, St Peter's College
Olivia McDaniel, Magdalen College
Olivia Moinuddin, St John's College
Olivia Pryer, St Edmund Hall
Olivia Tolley, Wadham College
Olivia Webster, Merton College
Olivia Williams, Merton College
Ollie Hague, Lincoln College
Olusola Akinrolabu, Kellogg College
Omaima Ali, Lady Margaret Hall
Onyela Ogah, St Hilda's College
Ope Oreyemi, Keble College
Oriana Burton, St Anne's College
Orla McBride, Hertford College
Orlaith Breen, St Catherine's College
Oscar Hansen, University College
Pablo Munoz, Green Templeton College
Palina Urban, New College
Pandora Dewan, The Queen's College
Paola Castaneda, Brasenose College
Papa Kojo Botsio, Green Templeton
Paris Jaggers, Merton College
Parker Chan, The Queen's College
Pat Taylor, Hertford College
Patrick Chapman, St Hugh's College
Paul Rutten, Wolfson College
Paula Kaanders, Wadham College
Paulina Barszcz, St Catherine's College
Pauline Lemaire, St Hugh's College
Penelope Ehrhardt, Green Templeton College
Penny Sherlock, Somerville College
Persis Love, St Catherine's College
Peter Cullimore, St Catherine's College
Peter Leigh, New College
Peter Todd, Jesus College
Phacharaphorn Phanomvan, St John's College
Philippa Monk, The Queen's College
Phoebe Griffith, Brasenose College
Phoebe Haste, Trinity College
Phoebe Hill, Wadham College
Phoebe Thornhill, Somerville College
Phoebe Whitehead, St Catherine's College
Pip Cull, Lady Margaret Hall
Poppy Iveson, Hertford College
Poppy Sowerby, Balliol College
Priya Fernandes, The Queen's College
Priyav Shah, Jesus College
Pui Yiu Carol Mak, Magdalen College
Quin O'Sullivan, The Queen's College
Rabii Malik, St Anne's College
Rachel Bowld, University College
Rachel Craig-McFeely, St Catherine's College
Rachel Dauncey, Trinity College
Rachel Dlugatch, Kellogg College
Rachel Jones, St Anne's College
Rachel Kevern, The Queen's College
Rachel Marks, St Hilda's College
Rachel Roberts, Somerville College
Rachel Tudor, Exeter College
Raffaele Sarnataro, Jesus College
Ran Shi, St Edmund Hall
Rani Govender, Somerville College
Raphael Rifkin-Zybutz, New College
Raphaëlle Petit, St Catherine's College
Rasa Narbutaite, Somerville College
Rebecca Boyd, Pembroke College
Rebecca Clarke, St Catherine's College
Rebecca Colquhoun, Worcester College
Rebecca Hicks , Oriel College
Rebecca Janska, The Queen's College
Rebecca Lenihan, St Catherine's College
Rebecca Menmuir, Jesus College
Rebecca Morgan, St John's College
Rebecca Murray, St Anne's College 
Rebecca Stephens, Hertford College
Rebecca Withey, New College
Rebecca Wright, Keble College
Rebecca Yates, Exeter College
Reuben Woolley, Wadham College
Rhys Underdown, Balliol College
Ria Chavda, Somerville College
Ria Ranadive, Jesus College
Rian Hughes, Oriel College
Richard Anslow, St Edmund Hall
Richard Fern, Merton College
Richard Thomas, Worcester College
Richard Tudor, Hertford College
Rita Alonaizan , St Catherine's College
Rivka Micklethwaite, St Catherine's College
Ro Crawford, Jesus College
Rob Keating, St Hilda's College
Rob Warrington, Brasenose College
Robbie Aitken, Wadham College
Robert Goode, Keble College
Robert Hortle, St John's College
Robert Paton, Balliol College
Robert Penman, Pembroke College
Robin Leach, Somerville College
Robin Piedeleu, Balliol College
Rohan Bhatia , New College
Roisin McCallion, Merton College
Ronald Guthrie, St Edmund Hall
Ronit Kanwar, Keble College 
Rory Fisk, St Catherine's College
Rory Meredith, Hertford College
Rosie Capell, Worcester College
Rosie Clear Hill, Wadham College
Rosie Sourbut, Somerville College
Ross Jenkinson, St Catherine's College
Ross Lawrence, The Queen's College
Roxana Shafiee, Oriel College
Rozen Whitworth, Wadham College
Ruby Harrison, Corpus Christi College
Ruby Hutchings, Oriel College
Ruby Sedgwick, St Catherine's College
Ruchi Bagga, Keble College
Rufus Sachdev-Wood, Keble College
Ruha Akhtar, Keble College
Rumaan Malik, St Catherine's College
Ryan Lea, St Edmund Hall
Ryan Salter, Corpus Christi College
Sachin C Varma, Keble College
Sachintha Dias, The Queen's College
Sade Clarke, Somerville College
Sadiyah Diallo-Geny, St Catherine's College
Safa Abdulkhaliq, The Queen's College
Safia Khan, Balliol College
Saga Sjoberg, St Peter's College
Sahara Pandit, The Queen's College
Sahima Sajid, Corpus Christi College
Said Alyacoubi, Wolfson College
Sally Croysdale, Exeter College
Sam Clarke, St Catherine's College
Sam Davenport, St Peter's College
Sam Edwards, Keble College 
Sam Garforth, St Edmund Hall
Sam Miller, St Edmund Hall
Sam Neil, Trinity College
Sam Rice, St Hilda's College
Sam Skillcorn, Jesus College
Samantha McCormack, Jesus College
Samphire Cassidy, Hertford College
Samuel Juniper, Somerville College
Sanaa Estibal, St Anne's College
Sanah Ali, Somerville College
Sander Tromp, Kellogg College
Santiago Paredes Saenz, Jesus College
Sara Pripitu, The Queen's College
Sarah Conkerton, Christ Church College
Sarah Duffy, Balliol College
Sarah Mason , St Hilda's College
Sarah Pickford , Jesus College
Sarah Wadsworth, St Anne's College
Sasha Wilson, The Queen's College
Saumya Pandey, St Antony's College
Scott Martin, University College
Selina Cho, New College
Serena Parekh, The Queen's College
Serin Gioan, Exeter College
Shaams Dally, Balliol College
Shahnaz Hoque, Lincoln College
Shakira Mahadeva, The Queen's College
Shanet Mehari, Hertford College
Shayaan Rehman, Wadham College
Sheherezade Scott, Hertford College
Shian Ngoh, Linacre College
Shivani Malik, Somerville College
Shloke Joshi, Hertford College
Shona Galt, Keble College
Shona Robertson, The Queen's College
Shreya Lakhni, Balliol College
Shuqiu Wang, Mansfield College
Sian Brooke, St Edmund Hall
Sibylle Bandilla, St Hilda's College
Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan, Green Templeton College
Simon Bevan, Oriel College
Simone Fraser, Oriel College
Sofia Karlsson, Keble College 
Sophia Bangham, Trinity College
Sophia Wee, The Queen's College
Sophie Brown, Wolfson College
Sophie Clark, Hertford College
Sophie Haldane, Balliol College
Sophie Kilminster, Somerville College
Sophie Templer, The Queen's College
Soraya Kezelmann, Pembroke College
Spencer Dunleavy, Green Templeton College
Spencer Klavan, Magdalen College
Sree Ayyar, St Hilda’s College
Staszek Welsh, University College
Steffan Williams, St Catherine's College
Stephanie Woodgate, Hertford College
Stephanos Iossifidis, St Peter's College
Stephen Walsh, St Edmund Hall
Stuart Keppie, Magdalen College
Sunil Mahey, St Catherine's College
Susana Hancock, Christ Church College/St Edmund Hall
Sze Ching Cheung, Keble College
Tacita McCoy-Parkhill, Oriel College
Tajmeet Gorwarah, Lady Margaret Hall
Tal Lewis , University College
Tal Rosenbaum, The Queen's College
Talia Glazer, Lincoln College
Tamsin Savvides, University College
Tara Kilcoyne, Lincoln College
Tara Mulcahy-Murray, Jesus College
Tayo Ward-Brew, Somerville College
Teodora Musatoiu, Worcester College
Teresa Rendell, Somerville College
Tess Dupont, Lady Margaret Hall
Thang Nguyen, Kellogg College
Theo Cornish, Trinity College
Theo Cox, Brasenose College
Theresa Fruth, Oriel College
Thomas Carswell, St John's College
Thomas Claridge, Balliol College
Thomas Clennett, Brasenose College
Thomas Dean, St Anne's College
Thomas Fay, Corpus Christi College
Thomas Matthews, Balliol College
Thomas Spoor, Kellogg College
Thomas Tutton, St Catherine's College
Tiger Hills, St Catherine's College
Tilly Guthrie, The Queen's College
Tilly Nevin, St Catherine's College
Tim Koch , Jesus College
Timothy Parker, Jesus College
Tobermory Mackay-Champion, University College
Tobi Thomas, Trinity College
Tobias Freidling, The Queen's College
Toby Adkins, Merton College
Toby Gay, Trinity College
Toby Lowther, University College
Tom Duckett, Magdalen College
Tom Dyer, St Edmund Hall
Tom Galligan, Brasenose College
Tom Langton, Hertford College
Tom Reershemius, Worcester College
Tom Wells, The Queen's College
Tom Williams, Worcester College
Tomás , St Hilda's College
Tomos Potter, St John's College
Tosca Baharani, Keble College 
Tucker Drew, Brasenose College
Umamah Malik , Keble College
Usman Arshad, St Catherine's College 
Venetia Iga, Jesus College
Vicente Lovelace, Kellogg College 
Victoria Elliott, St Peter's College
Vinesh Maguire-Rajpaul, Merton College
Viola Helen, New College
Viola Lough, Keble College 
Vivian Bennett, St Catherine's College
Wai Yan Wong, Somerville College
Wanrug Suwanwattana, Merton College
Wenbo Cao, St Hilda's College
Wesley Quadros, Christ Church College
Wilf Sandwell, The Queen's College
Will Thompson, Jesus College
Will Vowell, Lincoln College
William Andrews, Somerville College
William Bennett, St Catherine's College
William Bentley, St Hilda's College
William Chappell, Wadham College
William Holliday, Trinity College
William Mason, St. Edmund Hall
William Payne, Hertford College
William Ponsonby, St Catherine's College
William Song, Corpus Christi College
Willow Fox, St Hugh's College
Xavier Peer, Corpus Christi College
Yash Garara, St Edmund Hall
Ye Jin Jeon, St Hugh's College
Yezi Li, Hertford College
Yinni Hu, Somerville College
Yolanda Shamash, Keble College 
Yoojin Kook, Wadham College
Yusra Shammoon , St John's College
Zachary Tait, The Queen's College
Zahra Choudhury, The Queens College
Zahra Farzanekhoo, Lady Margaret Hall
Zakaria Jama, Pembroke College
Zara Baker, Wadham College
Zhaoying Zhuge, St Anne's College
Zhijia Zhang, University College
Zoe Hallett, Hertford College 
Zoe Nahas, Brasenose College