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like a solution to the P versus NP problem

Portrait of Kurt Gödel

To find a solution to the P versus NP problem enrol here:

Computer Science (undergraduate course)

DPhil in Computer Science (graduate course)

Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Data and Systems Analysis (Online - Department for Continuing Education)

Image: Portrait of Kurt Gödel who first mentioned the problem in a letter in 1956. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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like the last digit of π

π mosaic

To find out about wonderful, irrational π enrol here:

Mathematics (undergraduate course)

DPhil in Mathematics (graduate course)

The Number Mysteries (Online - Department for Continuing Education)

Image: π mosaic outside the Mathematics Building at the Technical University of Berlin. Credit: Holger Motzkau under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. 

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like da Vinci’s ‘The Battle of Anghiari’

da Vinci's The Battle of Anghiari

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like fossil proof of the missing link

Fossil skull of Australopithecus africanus

Whoa, where is everyone?

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To find out how lovely Oxford is come and visit:

Maps and directions to help you get to the city

Find out which colleges are open to the public

Visit our amazing museums, libraries and collections

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like Shakespeare’s ‘The History of Cardenio’

Engraving of Shakespeare

To find out about Shakespeare’s other plays enrol here:

English Language and Literature (undergraduate course)

DPhil in English (graduate course)

Shakespeare (Online - Department for Continuing Education)

Image: Engraving from Shakespeare's First Folio. Credit: Bodleian Libraries. 

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