Student comments

Read what Oxford University students think about the collegiate system:

I very much like the collegiate system, it really does help you to make friends in the other year groups and to feel like you belong.

3rd year undergraduate, Physics
  • "The collegiate system is exactly what I expected, lots of students all living together, with the JCR (Junior Common Room) acting to support students and organise parties and social events."
    2nd year undergraduate, Archaeology and Anthropology
  • "Most of all, I liked the collegiate structure, which appealed to me as it is less of an imposing 'body' to get involved with. This allows you to play sport and do other things similarly at any level that you like. I play football and cricket for my college and also play recreational rugby and tennis where I can fit it in."
    2nd year undergraduate, Biochemistry
  • "I chose to study at Oxford firstly because I wanted to study at the highest level and stretch my mind; I felt that the Oxford tutorial system was the best environment to achieve this. Secondly because the collegiate system seemed to offer a friendlier atmosphere than a large campus..."2nd year undergraduate, Mathematics
  • "Not only is Oxford one of the top universities in the world... students here have the benefit of the social support of a small college community."
    3rd year undergraduate, Medicine
  • "The aspect of Oxford that I appreciate the most is the sense of belonging that the collegiate system offers. If you choose to accept it, your college will provide you with the social scaffolding to ensure that both your weeks and weekends are fun."
    DPhil student, Inorganic Chemistry
  • "The college system and the amazing sports opportunities make the experience [of Oxford] even better because there is so much more to do once you leave the lab..."
    DPhil student, Physiology