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Revd Dr Robert Ellis, MA, DPhil
Regent's Park
Regent's Park

Regent’s Park College admits both undergraduate and graduate students to read for degrees in a variety of Humanities and Social Science subjects. Regent’s also trains men and women for ordained Baptist ministry.

Regent’s is situated in the heart of the city - superbly placed for all the educational and extra-curricular activities the University has to offer.

With just under 200 students, Regent’s is the perfect size for people who want to be stretched and challenged by an Oxford education in an open, enquiring, academic environment whilst being surrounded by people who know them well and are able to help them thrive both academically and personally.

Regent’s Park College is known for its friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community. It is focussed on achieving excellence in undergraduate and graduate studies, ministerial formation and academic research. Our aim is to create an exceptional community of learning and research made up of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and life experience.