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The logo (the circular element in the top right corner of the brand mark) or belted crest device as it is sometimes known, occupies a unique position within the brand overall. Its history as an identifier for the University is long-lived and the University’s revised brand continues that tradition. However, the logo should never be considered as an alternative identifier for normal branding purposes.

While the quadrangle and rectangle brand marks are the main identifiers for the University, the logo may be used selectively for ceremonial purposes and on merchandise. The logo should never be considered as an alternative identifier for normal branding purposes.


Artwork and colours of the crest

There are no small artwork versions unlike the brand marks. The artworks are provided separately and should never be substituted by the version used within the brand marks. All artworks for the logo are set so the logo is 40 mm wide visually at 100% scale. The minimum size for all versions is where X=12 mm (or 30% scale). University members of staff can download the artwork files from the Downloads section.

Three colours are used for the logo: Oxford blue and gold and white. The gold is a special metallic ink (or Pantone® 872) C, U or M depending on whether coated, uncoated or matt coated paper stock is used. Refer to the colour palette on the brand colours page for a list of acceptable colour standards.

The logo should not be used in screen-based media.

There are no black-only versions of the logo.

Reversal versions

Crest reversal

There are two reversal versions of the logo, as shown right. The first employs Oxford blue, gold, and white and the second Oxford blue and white.

The second is for use in single-colour applications for economy. Where the logo is to be screen printed white on a dark substrate (such as blue selfcoloured paper, or textile) then special artwork will be required and is available from the Publications Office.


Mug 2

Merchandise items

The logo will be used extensively on merchandise items such as souvenirs, garments and games, or products where the development has involved the University, or is in some way endorsed by the University.

Oxford Limited control the development and sale of such items and will play a key role in determining which items carry the logo and how it is used. Any use in this area must go through Oxford Limited (, for both trademark and tax reasons.




The logo as a trademark

Crest tm

The logo is a trade mark of the University and is registered as such in a number of jurisdictions. However, the ® symbol should not accompany the logo unless you have been specifically authorised to use it by the Managing Director of Oxford Limited (in the context of merchandising) or the Director of Legal Services. Otherwise the ™ symbol should be used.

Please note that no other logo may be used without approval under the University's Trade Mark and Domain Name Strategy (in this section: What is the University’s strategy for protecting its brand?). Under the Strategy, OUP's authorisation must be sought for the use of the word 'Oxford' in connection with publishing services, published material or information services by any part of the University other than OUP. This includes use of the new University visual identity.

The ™ signifier is not included on any logo artworks and must be added by the department that wishes to include it. The keystroke to generate it on Apple Macintosh® is Shift/Alt/2. It should be set in Foundry Sterling Medium at 15 point for the full size logo. The signifier should be positioned as shown right and should adopt the colour of the belt element of the version to which it is being applied.