University of Oxford branding toolkit

The University brand marks were created to make possible a shared approach to communicating visually something of the purpose and meaning of our institution.

Every day communication materials, including letters and leaflets, banners and brochures, are sent out from all parts of the University. Each piece of material in some sense represents the University to its recipient. Using the brand marks in a consistent manner helps to establish a strong, substantial and distinctive identity for the University, wherever and whenever they are seen.

This second edition of the branding guidelines explains and demonstrates how to use the University’s visual identity and incorporates suggestions and clarifications resulting from our ongoing dialogue with users. It includes information on deploying the brand marks on their own and with partner brands, along with the approved colour palettes and typography when creating and producing literature and other marketing materials for the University of Oxford.

The visual identity is in all senses a valuable asset. It is legally protected and it is important that it is used in an appropriate manner. The aim of this toolkit is to make that as simple, quick and easy as possible.

We hope very much that anyone involved in the use of the University’s visual identity, whether in print, online, or in other media, will find the toolkit enjoyable to use.

Jeremy Harris
Director of Public Affairs