University of Oxford Blogs

The following is a list of blogs by staff at the University of Oxford. To request an addition to this page, or change the current information, please use the 'contact the webmaster' link at the bottom of this page.

21st Century

  • Oxford Martin School blog

    A blog to explore and discuss key 21st century challenges addressed through the research, events, publications and activities of the Oxford Martin School.


  • Oxford Today

    Oxford Today blogs are an online-only feature, written by and for Oxonians! We currently have eight blogs covering a variety of topics and themes, updated on a monthly basis.

Bodleian Libraries

  • Bodleian blogs

    Dozens of engaging blogs kept by members of library staff, providing content on a broad range of subjects.


  • Kellogg College

    Fellows, students, alumni, and staff share insights and opinions, providing a forum for discussion for researchers, academics and students across the breadth of academic disciplines that Kellogg represents.

  • Master of St Peter’s blog

    Mark Damazer CBE is the Master of St Peter's College  and a former controller of BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7.


  • SBS blogs

    Blogs from MBA students at the Saïd Business School.

Creative Writing

  • Master's in Creative Writing

    Oxford University’s MSt in Creative Writing blog - a resource for Oxford events, calls for submission, competitions, news, interviews and more.


  • Practical Ethics News

    A daily ethical analysis of the latest developments in science, technology and other current affairs. Features authors from Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford Martin School and Future of Humanity Institute.

Forced migration

  • Forced Migration Online: Blog

    John Pilbeam, Sean Loughna, Kirsty Lothian and Mike Cave from the Refugee Studies Centre provide information on the work of Forced Migration Online and discuss issues regarding human displacement.


  • Adventures on the Bookshelf

    A blog for students and teachers of Years 11 to 13, and anyone else with an interest in French language and culture. From the Oxford University Modern Languages Faculty.


IT Services

  • IT Services blogs

    Latest updates from Oxford University Computing Services.

  • Director's Cut

    Dr Stuart Lee, Deputy CIO IT Services, blogs about IT-related issues of concern to the wider University community.

  • Erewhon Project

    Blogging the progress of the Erewhon project for creating a geolocation database for Oxford University and pursuing the goal of improving mobile access to Oxford's resources.

  • OpenSpires

    World class open educational resources.


Oxford Internet Institute (OII)

Politics and International Relations

  • Politics in Spires

    Politics in Spires is a collaborative effort between the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford and the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge.

  • Blavatnik School of Government

    News and views from the Blavatnik School of Government community.


  • Astro Blog

    Latest research from the Astrophysics department and a wider round-up of astronomy news.

  • Oxford Protein Informatics Group

    Blog from the research group in the statistics department focusing on aspects of protein modelling, homology modelling, membrane proteins, sequence alignment, anti-bodies, and drug-discovery.

  • Oxford Science Blog

    Latest science news and views from University Press Officer Pete Wilton.

Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning

  • TALL Blog

    Multiple contributors from the Department for Continuing Education discussing Pedagogy, research in technology and learning, online courseware, e-learning, courses, projects and ICT.


  • Oxford Transport Network

    Sustainable transport issues in Oxfordshire from the Transport Studies Unit (in the School of Geography and the Environment).

  • Urban demographics

    Urban and Population issues, with special emphasis on transport and migration, from DPhil student Rafael Pereira.

Voltaire Foundation

  • Voltaire Foundation blog

    Latest updates from the Voltaire Foundation - a world leader for eighteenth-century scholarship and a research department of the University of Oxford.