Rewind 2011

From the 150,000 or so apps submitted in 2011 Apple chose just five in each of their 21 categories as their best of the year. We were delighted to see the Official Guide app as one of the five in the Travel section.

Oxford University: The Official Guide app

Is now in the app store – click here to find it


Oxford University Guide app


New version released


  • 51 panorama images (33 colleges, 18 collections and locations)
  • more than 70 new images of the Colleges and archive shots of the Radcliffe Camera
  • more suggestions from students and staff

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Original features

Today in Oxford:

the latest news story, events, exhibitions, what happened today in the history of Oxford and the weather

Theme tours:

more than 20 walking tours around Oxford including all the Colleges, Gardens, Gargoyles, Nobel Prize winners and, of course, Harry Potter

We suggest:

Heads of House, Heads of Collections, Senior Administrators and current students all share their own 'perfect day in Oxford'

Near me:

The app shows you where you are and what is around you, tap a pin to find out more about a nearby place and its visitor information


create your own tour by picking and choosing places from the different tours and suggestions, see them on a map, reorder them in your list then delete them after you've visited them

and more…

find out about the history of the University, its traditions, and links through to the numerous channels that Oxford now publishes to

all this for less than a £1

Get in touch:

If you have any questions, problems with the app, feedback or suggestions, or if you are a current student and want to contribute to the 'We suggest' section, please contact us