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Oxford against sexual violence
Oxford against sexual violence


Oxford University takes a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment and violence. It is never acceptable in any form and we all have a responsibility to take action.

Oxford Against Sexual Violence is a joint campaign between the University and Oxford University’s student union, Oxford SU, sending a clear message that sexual harassment and violence of any form is unacceptable.

The campaign focuses on promoting the new Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service, which opened for students on 1 October 2018.

The service builds on existing activities, including consent and bystander intervention workshops for new students, and a range of welfare and support services provided in colleges and by the central University.

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Sexual harassment and violence is any unwanted sexual behaviour which takes place without consent, whether someone knows the person or not. It can happen regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or age. It does not always happen in person. It may happen on online, for example on social media, via e-mail or messaging.

Sexual harassment and violence can include:

Catcalling, wolf-whistling, leering, unwanted comments or jokes about a person’s body, clothing or sex life

Stalking someone or following them (in person or online)

Unwanted physical contact, such as groping, sexual assault, abuse or rape

Relationship abuse

Unwelcome sexual requests

Non-consensual photos like up-skirting or sharing of explicit material.  


The new Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service provides a safe place for students be heard - independent of their college or department. We offer free support and advice to any student who has been affected by sexual harassment or violence.

The service supports students in all situations, whether the experiences of sexual harassment or violence happened in Oxford or elsewhere, and whether it was recent or in the past.

Our specialist advisors are trained to support students at their pace. We help them explore their options, and we’ll be there to support them through whatever option they choose.

Current students looking to speak to one of our advisors should email: supportservice@admin.ox.ac.uk.

For further information, see ox.ac.uk/supportservice.