Living Costs

The Radcliffe Science Library has a fantastic supply of books to help with studying. College libraries are really well-stocked too, so I have never needed to buy my own medical textbooks.


Student funding iconDespite what you may have heard, it's no more expensive to study at Oxford than at any other university. In fact, our world-class resources and college provision actually keep living costs down.

How much will my living costs be?

For details on the ranges of likely living costs for 2014/15 please visit our dedicated living costs webpage:

A basic overview of the types of costs you will need to plan for is below.

College accommodation

Student Funding keyAll colleges provide rooms for their students during term time for the first year and for at least one other year of their course, and rent varies depending on the college and room standard. Please visit the colleges section of our website for more information on individual colleges.

You can also live out in privately rented accommodation, but should be aware you will have to pay rent outside term, in the holidays. Private accommodation costs vary depending on the number of people you share with and the quality and location of the accommodation.


Student Funding foodMost students in college eat in the dining hall, although there are basic self catering facilities available.

Other living costs

You will need to ensure you allow for costs associated with social activities, travel to and from home (including any visa costs, where applicable), clothes, toiletries and books. If you plan to stay in Oxford during the holidays, any
additional accommodation costs will also need to be covered.