Islands Students

Students from the Channel Islands or Isle of Man are entitled to different support to that of students from the rest of the UK.


Student funding 4The University tuition fee is £9,000 for 'Islands' students starting their course in 2014, with the exception of clinical medicine students, for whom the fee will be significantly higher. A list of tuition fee rates for 2014 is available at University tuition fee rates.

Islands students are also liable for an additional college fee, which will be £6,725 per year.

Living Costs

Please visit our  living costs page for an overview of the types of costs you will need to plan for in 2014/15. Students from outside the UK must take into account the cost of where they live during the vacations which could include the cost of travelling home or paying rent to remain in Oxford. Whether students travel to and from Oxford at the start and end of term, or stay in Oxford during the vacations, these travel or accommodation costs will need to be covered. 

Information on the support available to help with living costs can be found by viewing the information below for the relevant funding agency:

States of Jersey

States of Guernsey

Isle of Man