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Undergraduate Student Funding

Student Funding09We are committed to ensuring students from the UK and EU understand the costs and funding for them if they choose to apply to the University of Oxford.

While many universities are offering either tuition fee reductions or bursaries, Oxford will provide both. Not only this, in 2014 Oxford is offering the most generous financial support of any university to those on a family income of £16,000 or less. 

2014 Funding

Following the announcement in late November that public funding of the National Scholarship Programme has been cut, Oxford has revised its package of tuition fee reductions for 2014. A summary of the revised tuition fee reductions for UK/EU undergraduates starting in 2014 from households with incomes of £25,000 or less can be found at 2014 Funding.

Students intending to commence their studies in 2014 should visit the 2014 Funding page for an overview of the Oxford support available to them.

Living and studying at Oxford

Despite what you may have heard, it's no more expensive to study at Oxford than at any other university. In fact, our world-class resources and college provision actually keep living costs down.