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Psychology (Experimental)

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Katrina, 2nd Year

'Oxford was always at the back of my mind when applying to university and at first I think I was quite intimidated by the thought of it. However once I got here I realised that it’s really not the scary place people make it out to be but an amazing academic as well as social environment to be a part of.

I chose the course here because it has a strong rooting in experimental methods and you’re given the chance to talk to the people who are at the top of their field and are involved in current research which is changing the face of psychology. I still find it amazing that you’ll learn about a fascinating experiment in lectures and then realise that the person giving your tutorials or lectures headed that research team!

I am also able to take part in a range of really interesting experiments which widen my knowledge of the field as a whole and how research is carried out. Every so often some of the departmental researchers are on the lookout for a research assistant which is an amazing experience if you’re interested in staying in psychology after the degree. I’m quite keen on doing this as I would love to work in Clinical Psychology or research so being able to work alongside some of the leading people in the field is absolutely ideal preparation.'

Rachel who graduated in 2006, is now a client consultant at Nunwood. She says:

‘Since graduating I have worked for two large market research companies specialising in brands and advertising research. My degree helped me to develop my analytical skills as well as gaining project management experience which have been invaluable in my chosen career path.’

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