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Applying to Oxford

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It is now too late to apply for entry in 2014 - the deadline was 15 October 2013, and late applications cannot be accepted.

If you want to study at Oxford in 2015, you need to apply by 15 October 2014. Choose a course and check that you meet its entrance requirements, then follow these steps to apply:

UCAS application ›

Submit between 1 September and 15 October at

Tests ›

For many courses, you need to take a test as part of your application. Most require you to register before 15 October.

Written work ›

For many courses, you need to send in written work as part of your application. The deadline is 10 November.

Interview ›

If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to Oxford in late December.

Decisions ›

You will hear by mid-January whether or not your application has been successful.