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A student checking their email
A student checking their email


We want don't want anyone who has the academic ability to get a place to study at Oxford to be held back by their financial circumstances. To meet that aim, we spend about £9 million every year on financial support for undergraduates.

Despite what you might think, studying at Oxford is no more expensive than studying at other UK universities. Our students benefit from:

  • our free, world-class resources - meaning fewer books to buy
  • a small city to get around - resulting in low travel costs
  • shorter terms -  ensuring lower accommodation costs

University bursaries

UK or EU students from lower-income households are eligible for an annual, non-repayable Oxford bursary to help with living costs. The amount of the bursary will depend on your household income, meaning that those students with the greatest need will receive the highest amount of support available. Whatever amount you are entitled to receive, it comes in addition to your other UK government funding.

As last year, this bursary has been an enormous mental support during this year. It has solved so many of my financial problems and that thought alone, along with not being a financial burden on my parents, has put me at ease and allowed me to focus on my studies. I am extremely grateful to be granted this opportunity.


Last year, over 2300 undergraduate students received an Oxford bursary. To find out what you might be entitled to, and how the process works, visit our fees and funding page.

What do students say about bursaries?

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Support from your college

The majority of first year students (and many students at all stages of their degree course) live in their college accommodation. Living in college is cheaper than you would expect - the cost of accommodation and meals are often heavily subsidised, meaning you pay less than you would if you lived in privately rented accommodation in Oxford.

Eating in college is really cheap, and you rarely have to buy books because Oxford has everything. 


Some colleges have student support funds including travel grants; you can get more information about this type of support from the colleges directly. 

What do students say about support from their college?



Students from lower-income households can also apply for one of the University's scholarships to help them cover the costs of their studies. Some scholarships also provide extra volunteering and internship opportunities to maximise the support students receive.

Visit our page on Oxford support for more information about scholarships, go to our scholarship search tool or to the Fees and Funding page.

Moritz-Heyman Scholarships

Is your family income £16,000 or less?

Each year, up to 175 eligible UK students are invited to become Moritz-Heyman scholars. This not only provides enhanced funding but other opportunities such as volunteering and summer internships.


International students

Unfortunately, scholarships for overseas students taking undergraduate courses are very limited. Students are usually expected to find an appropriate source of funding in their own country. For details of the very limited scholarships available please use the Fees, Funding and Scholarship Search: ox.ac.uk/feesandfunding/search

Please note that you cannot apply for any of these scholarships until you have been offered a place at Oxford University.

What do students say about scholarships?

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I come from a single parent family, and my mum has a chronic illness, as a result of which I’ve been her carer on and off for around 5 years. Money stress was the last thing I needed as I was preparing to come to Oxford …, so getting my Moritz-Heyman offer took a huge weight off my shoulders. Without a doubt, the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship was one of the most valuable opportunities I’ve ever been given.’