The Yellow Route - Social Sciences | University of Oxford

The Yellow Route - Social Sciences

Time: 90 minutes, Distance: 3.8 km/2.4 miles

This Yellow Route will give you an insight into Social Sciences at Oxford, and take you to some of Oxford’s undergraduate colleges, the Pitt Rivers Museum and other University locations.

The colleges on this route include: Mansfield College, St Catherine's College, Lincoln College, Jesus College and Exeter College. These undergraduate colleges have been chosen because they are near the other stops on this route – they are not specifically colleges for social sciences. No colleges specialise in any particular subject, and most colleges offer most courses. (See the full list of which colleges offer your course.) To see any of the other colleges please visit the porters’ lodge (reception) at that college, and ask if you can have a look around. Most colleges have specific opening times during the day so please check their individual websites or ask in the Admissions Information Centre.

We have attempted to make both the route and the information on this tour as accessible as possible. If you require the guide in an alternative format please contact the Admissions Information Centre. We will be glad to help with any queries about specific accessibility requests.