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St Hugh's College
St Hugh's College.
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St Hugh's College

St Hugh’s is one of the largest colleges in Oxford, set in beautiful and extensive grounds just north of the city centre. Known for its tranquil gardens, the college was established to offer an Oxford education to women who could not afford the fees of the University at the time. St Hugh’s now accepts men and women, welcoming students from every kind of background; it retains a strong sense of its radical tradition and of the importance of opening Oxford to all who would do well here.

St Hugh’s College

St Hugh’s offers accommodation (much of it ensuite) throughout an undergraduate’s course, along with a large, well-stocked college library and Bodleian Reading Room. The college is a supportive environment; funds are available to address unforeseen financial hardship. There is a gym and student run bar, and its chapel and separate multi-faith prayer room are open to all college members, regardless of belief.

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St Hugh’s is...

…having fantastic tutors – each has their own style, but tutorials are always really interesting. The workload has been just what I’d hoped for – challenging, but without leaving you feeling too overwhelmed.

…far enough from town to have huge open grounds, but close enough to get to lectures in five minutes!

…having a 24-hour library, which is the dream. It is a very open, light space with excellent resources.

…a big college, so there’s something and someone for everybody – you’ll certainly find a group of people for you.

College facilities

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College accommodation

St Hugh's CollegeSt Hugh's College has some of the largest college grounds in Oxford.

  • All first years on site: YES
  • Usually offered for three years: NO
  • Usually offered for first year and one other year: NO
  • Usually offered for all years: YES
  • Some vacation storage for international students: YES


  • Dining hall: YES
  • Bar: YES
  • Café: YES


  • Gym on site: YES
  • Boathouse: YES
  • Library open 24/7: YES
  • Computer rooms/stations: YES
  • Wi-Fi throughout college: YES
  • Music room: YES
  • Theatre/performance space: NO
  • Chapel: YES
  • Multi-faith prayer room: YES

Clubs and societies

  • Music society: YES
  • Orchestra/s: YES
  • Choir/s: YES
  • Dramatic society: YES
  • College student magazine/paper: YES
  • Some subject societies: YES
  • Other societies: YES

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Access and Outreach at St Hugh's
Outreach Officer: Elena Sorochina
Admissions Office tel: +44 (0) 1865 274989

Postal address:
St Hugh's College
St Margaret's Road, Oxford OX2 6LE