Jesus College
Jesus College Quad.
(Image credit: Matt Stuart / Oxford University Images).

Jesus College

Jesus College is renowned for its close-knit community – we are welcoming, inclusive and hard-working. Academic excellence is central to college life, and our tutorial teaching is of the highest quality, as the exam results of our undergraduates show. We aim to offer our students the best possible education and opportunities during their time here, so that they can benefit from all aspects of student life. Each year we award a large number of scholarships, prizes and grants to recognize achievement and progress, and to support music, sports and travel.

Founded by Elizabeth I, the college has always had Welsh connections, though our students now come from all over the UK and 30 other countries. More than half our undergraduates come from state schools and about 10% are from overseas.


Jesus College is in Turl Street, right in the heart of Oxford, close to the main libraries and within easy walking distance of the Science Area, shops, cinemas, theatres and museums.

Accommodation and meals

Jesus College offers full accommodation for all its undergraduates. First-years have rooms in central Oxford, on our historic Turl Street site or in the new Ship Street Centre. After that, most students live in college flats, either to the north (near the Science Area) or to the east (by our sports ground). These high-quality flats have three or four bedrooms around a kitchen, sitting room and bathroom, for reasonable cost. All rooms have telephone and computer points, with free internet and network access. Meals in hall are popular and sociable. Food is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis to the termly bill, so students can choose whether to eat in hall or not.

Read more on the college website about accommodation and meals.


The college library is open 24 hours a day, and new books are constantly added in response to requests. The computer room is equipped to a very high standard; an IT support team offers help and advice. Wireless networking is available in the libraries, common rooms and seminar rooms.

The modern Junior Common Room (JCR) has its own conservatory, as well as newspapers, magazines, drinks, snacks, a wide-screen television and a pool table. The college bar is open in the evenings. The college has a music room and a dark room. Our large sports pavilion doubles as an entertainment venue, and we have playing fields, squash courts and a boathouse. Our students have free membership of the University gym and pool. Jesus College welcomes students with disabilities, who are encouraged to view our access guide on the college website and to contact us before applying to discuss their needs.

Student societies

Jesus College students organise the lively Turl Street Arts Festival each year, jointly with Lincoln and Exeter colleges. The JCR Arts Fund supports the dramatic society, which promotes and funds productions involving Jesus students. Thriving subject societies (eg English, Geography, History and Physics) arrange formal and informal events. The chapel choir regularly leads Evensong, gives concerts and goes on tours. The college is very active in many sports, either competitively or just for fun.

Biological Sciences

Dr Graham Taylor*


Dr Alderik Blom*


Professor Mark Brouard*

Dr Edward Anderson*

Dr Kylie Vincent*


Dr Armand D’Angour*

Mr Matthew Hosty


Dr Péter Esö*


Dr Peter McFadden*

Dr Stephen Morris*

Dr Daniel Drodge


Dr Paulina Kewes*

Dr Marion Turner*

Ms Alys Moody

Mr Tim Smith-Laing


Dr Caroline Warman*

Dr Louisiane Ferlier


Dr Patricia Daley*

Dr Richard Grenyer*

Dr Friederike Otto

Dr Joe Gerlach


Professor Katrin Kohl*

Mr Marc Deckers

History, Ancient

Dr Teresa Morgan

History, Modern

Professor Patricia Clavin*

Dr Alexandra Gajda*

Dr Conrad Leyser


Dr Elena Lombardi


Mr Peter Mirfield*

Dr Simon Douglas*


Dr Ash Asudeh*


Dr David Barron*


Professor Andrew Dancer*

Dr James Oliver*

Professor Arnaud Doucet*

Dr Robin Evans*

Mr Jakob Blaavand


Dr Shankar Srinivas*

Dr Christopher Winearls*

Dr Gillian Douglas

Dr Nilay Patel

Dr Druin Burch

Modern Greek

Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou


Dr Suzanne Aspden*


Dr Geoffrey Ferrari

Dr Yair Levy Physics

Dr John Magorrian*

Dr Yulin Chen*

Dr Malcolm John*


Dr Stuart White*

Dr James Tilley*


Dr Molly Crockett*


Dr Julie Curtis


Dr Jonathan Thacker


Dr Joshua Hordern

Chaplain and Welfare Officer

The Revd Megan Daffern


Professor Katrin Kohl*

Senior Tutor

Dr Alexandra Lumbers*

College Doctors

Dr Jane Morris

Dr Chris Hornby

College Nurse

Mrs Anthea Jones

*Fellow of the college

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