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Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, Ewan McKendrick

Professor Ewan McKendrick

Registrar of the University of Oxford


We are delighted that you are considering applying for a graduate course at the University of Oxford. 

More than one third of our students are graduate students, who come here to benefit from Oxford’s world-class graduate training. Whether you want to join the next generation of academic researchers and teachers or build successful careers in other fields, Oxford’s outstanding academic staff and facilities will serve as a strong foundation.

I came to Oxford myself as a graduate student in Law, and my BCL degree set me on the path to becoming Professor of English Private Law here at Oxford as well as a practising barrister.

As an active researcher and teacher for the last twenty years, I have benefited enormously from contact with graduate students in my field. The incredibly high quality of Oxford’s graduate students means that my academic colleagues and I are privileged to work alongside our graduates, sharing new discoveries and understandings whilst training them to the highest level in our disciplines.

Oxford’s position as one of the world’s strongest research universities was confirmed in the UK’s Research Assessment Exercise 2008, with Oxford having more world-leading academics (rated 4*) than any other UK university. Over one third of our academic staff are from outside the UK and, like our graduate community, contribute a stimulating mix of cultural diversity and intellectual rigour to our University.

Oxford is repeatedly ranked as one of the top ten universities worldwide in league tables.

Our academic resources are truly excellent, from the extensive collections of the world-renowned Bodleian Library, to facilities like the new state-of-the-art biochemistry building and brain imaging centre. 

You will also discover that through our collegiate nature Oxford offers a distinctive experience for your graduate study, as you will be a member not only of your department or faculty but also of one of our 38 colleges or 6 permanent private halls. Your academic work will be supervised by your department, and in your college you will find a friendly multi-disciplinary community in which to meet students and academics from all over the world who are passionate about a broad range of subjects. Your college is likely to provide you not only with meals and some accommodation, but with a vibrant social life too.

When the time comes for you to leave Oxford, you will join one of the most extensive alumni networks in the world, with more than 170 groups in over 60 countries.

We look forward to receiving your application, and to helping you with any further questions which you may have.

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