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Wolfson was founded to provide a stimulating and supportive environment, geared specifically to the needs of graduate students. The College is purpose built for a graduate community on the banks of the River Cherwell in North Oxford. This pastoral setting belies the fact that the main University facilities lie within walking and easy cycling distance.

The College is committed to equal opportunities for all and we enjoy a thriving international community. The single common room organisation, to which all members of the College belong, as can their partners, reflects the College’s egalitarian ethos. Most College committees, including the Governing Body, are open by annual election to all College members.

Wolfson - Panorama

Wolfson College and grounds

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation is offered to the majority of students in their first year, with married and family accommodation available. All rooms have internet and telephone facilities and access to kitchens and a laundry.

Around a third of single accommodation offered by the College consists of study-bedroom apartments, sharing kitchen, bathroom and shower rooms; the remainder of the accommodation is en-suite rooms.

There are two- and three-bedroom houses for couples with children and two-room flats for couples.

Funding and prizes

  • College scholarships are available, including those in association with the Clarendon Fund
  • Continuing graduates are eligible for college fee bursaries
  • Field-trip/conference fund to assist students and also a fund to support students who are placed in unforeseen financial hardship
  • Common Room Fund offers awards for student excellence in both Arts and Sports and subsidises student activities

For more information, please see the Oxford Funding Search.

Wolfson - Punts

The Wolfson College punt harbour

Library and IT services

The library provides key resources for taught Master's courses and supports the research of its members. It has good collections in Classics and Indology.

Each room on site has a network connection and there are seventeen computers in the Library with printing and scanning facilities available. A professional, dedicated IT team available for consultation. Wifi access is available in the library, meeting rooms and in some residential accommodation,

Sport, music and college facilities

Teams exist in most sports and the College has a diverse collection of clubs meeting regularly. There are regular social events in College and trips to theatres, art galleries and other venues are organised throughout the year.

There is a Music society and College choirs and an active programme of exhibitions in the Arts.

The College has squash courts, a multipurpose court for tennis, basketball and netball, a weights room and college punts - Wolfson boasts Oxford’s only punt harbour.

There is a professionally staffed Day Nursery, for which fees are charged, and a children’s playground available on the College grounds 

Wolfson - Daffodils

Daffodils in the Wolfson College grounds

Facilities for students with disabilities

Purpose-built accommodation is available for students with disabilities.


The College has only one common room for all members of college, students and Fellows alike. Student representatives sit on most college committees, including the Governing Body.

Wolfson College



Head of House

Professor Hermione Lee FBA FRSL CBE

Student numbers


Number of places for research students



Number of places for taught graduate students


College fees
College fee for graduates


College fee for the MBA



Exceptional arrangements apply in a small number of cases


University fees also apply


Continuation fee

£315 per year is payable after fee liability has ceased


Offered to all first-year graduate students wherever possible, though not guaranteed

Accommodation charges
Single room

From £108 per week

Couples' accommodation

From £182 per week

Family accommodation

From £246 per week