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Kellogg College


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Kellogg College is a graduate college which welcomes students of all ages wishing to study for postgraduate awards in either a traditional full-time mode or more flexible part-time study.

It is the University’s primary college for students reading for degrees on a part-time basis. The College prides itself in the expertise it has developed since its inception to facilitate and enhance the collegiate experience for these students.

The College also has a substantial number of full-time students based at a four-acre site on Banbury Road. The unique student body allows full-time students the opportunity to study in a lively university atmosphere and also to benefit from the experience of the College’s part-time students who, alongside their academic studies, work in a range of sectors and professions.

View of Kellogg College from Banbury Rd

View of Kellogg College from Banbury Rd

Accommodation and meals

Lunch is available in College during term and vacation, except for short periods at Christmas, Easter, and a few weeks in August. Informal evening meals are available from Monday through Friday and a termly calendar of College Night and Guest Night dinners is offered. Students enjoy a dining allowance each term and guests are always welcomed at College events.

Accommodation is available for 50 full-time students on the College site, with a further 10 rooms at the University’s Castle Mill site. Rents cover all utilities and basic cleaning on a weekly basis, and self-catering facilities are provided.

  • Letting period: Mid-September to end July, for full-time on-site accommodation
Short-term accommodation for part-time students whilst in Oxford for study residences and visitors will be available on the College site from the start of the 2013/14 academic year.

Funding and prizes

  • Kellogg Scholarships awarded annually
  • Progress Scholarship for those moving from Master's to Research study at Kellogg
  • Research and travel grants available to all students
  • Studentships, in association with the Clarendon Fund, for both full-time and part-time students
  • UK Research Council Partnership Funding Awards
  • Funds to support students who are placed in unforeseen financial hardship

For more information, please see the Oxford Funding Search.

Residence at Kellogg College

Residence at Kellogg College

Library and IT services

The Library is in an early stage of development and is currently being catalogued on the Bodleian system. There is a general collection, including a large amount of English and French literature and various fields of history, and smaller collections to support students on particular courses in areas such as Sustainable Urban Development and Software Engineering.

There are also substantial collections relating to the following areas:

  • British archaeology
  • English architectural history
  • English local history
  • Garden and landscape history
  • Interior design and furniture
  • Seventeenth-century French drama

Wifi access is available across the Kellogg College site and network and wireless connections are available in all study bedrooms. There is also a student computer workroom with full internet access, a copier/printer and scanner, fixed work stations and some hot-desking space.

Sport, music and college facilities

The College's Sports Committee provides support both for established sports at the college and for new initiatives, such croquet, squash and table tennis. Kellogg's student community provides many rugby players and rowers to the prestigious University 'Blues' teams and the College has an affiliation with the Christ Church Boat Club to offer opportunities to row at all levels.

Other societies and activities at Kellogg include drama, films, yoga, a choir and a football team in the University's MCR league. There is also a College punt available for free hire throughout the punting season.

College events are organised throughout the year, often arranged to accommodate the part-time study schedule and work/family commitments of students, including a programme of concerts arranged by the College's pool of talented pianists and other musicians. There is a regular series of seminars run by the College's Research Centres and academic Fellows.

A single integrated Common Room offers the opportunity for all fellows and students, both part-time and full-time, to socialise together at College events.

Kellogg is sensitive to the particular needs of non-residential part-time students to remain in touch with the life of the College and the University via email, podcasts, social networking and websites.

Kellogg College, stained glass detail

Stained glass detail inside the College

Facilities for students with disabilities

The College’s main buildings are wheelchair accessible and specially-adapted student accommodation is available.

Once a student has been accepted, the College will endeavour to accommodate specific requirements.


The College has an active MCR made up of full-time and part-time students. The MCR meets and greets new and returning students throughout the year; keeps students apprised of the dates of MCR meetings, events and issues relevant to students.

Members sit on College committees and an MCR officer liaises with OUSU (Oxford University Student Union) on behalf of the student body. 

Kellogg College



Head of House

Professor Jonathan Michie

Student numbers
Full-time students


Part-time students


Number of graduate student places
Full-time students


Part-time students


College fees
College fee for full-time graduates


College fee for part-time graduates



College fee for the MBA



Exceptional arrangements apply in a small number of cases


University fees also apply


Continuation fee

£100 for each term is payable after fee liability has ceased


Accommodation is available to full-time students, allocated on a first come, first served basis, and there is provision for occasional short-term stays for part-time students

Accommodation charges

c. £527-702 per month


Short-stay accommodation rates available on request