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Green Templeton College

Green Templeton College


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Green Templeton College (GTC), Oxford’s newest graduate college, was founded in 2008 following the historic merger of Green College and Templeton College. It has a distinctive academic profile, specialising in subjects relating to human welfare and social, economic and environmental well-being in the 21st century, including medical sciences, management, and most social sciences. This range of subject areas has generated a number of exciting inter-disciplinary College-based academic initiatives, including the Oxford Health Experiences Institute, the Emerging Markets Symposium, the Management in Medicine Programme, and the Global Health Policy Programme.

The College is based at the beautiful Radcliffe Observatory site on Woodstock Road, within easy walking distance of the city centre, the Saïd Business School and the University Science Area.

Collaboration and interaction between students and Fellows is actively encouraged and supported, with this dynamism symbolised by a single common room and dining room. Friendly and informal, the diverse College community forms the backdrop for a lively academic and social scene.

GTC Quad

Grassy quad at Green Templeton

Accommodation and meals

Single rooms are located on site or in the St Margaret’s Road annexes, all with access to full kitchen facilities. Shared and self-contained flats are located at Rewley Abbey Court, next to the Saïd Business School.

The College also owns a number of terraced houses bordering the College site on Observatory Street that are suitable for families.

Lunch is available in Hall Monday through Friday, with informal dinners held on Tuesdays during term-time and formal dinners are held on Wednesdays in term-time, Thursdays year-round, and some Fridays.

Funding and prizes

GTC offers a range of scholarships for applicants. Learning grants of £200 per year for academic expenses are available to all students. Financial assistance for language courses and competitive funding for conference attendance and fieldwork is also available.

For more information, please see the GTC website and the Oxford Funding Search.

Globe atop the GTC Observatory

Globe atop the GTC Observatory

Library and IT services

GTC's Advanced Studies Centre, new for the 2013/14 academic year, combines access to key texts in all GTC subjects with quiet workspace in a modern, tranquil environment.

Full access to the library's online catalogues and databases is provided, with instruction in use of the system available if required.

Docking stations and printing facilities are available for student use in the Advanced Studies Centre. A small number of workstations are also available in social areas.

Wireless internet access is available across the site, including all student rooms on-site and in annexes.

Sport, music and college facilities

GTC has on-site facilities for tennis and squash, a new multi-purpose gym building, and an active boat club (Twitter GTBoatClub) based around the GTC boathouse at Longbridges. The College is also active in basketball, football, rugby and table tennis.

Other College societies include Welfare and Wine, the Richard Doll Medical Society and the Book Club.

A number of research centres in various disciplines are based at GTC, and regular lectures take place in term-time. Funding is available for student-led academic activities, such as the annual Human Welfare Conference hosted at the College.

GTC offers a Personal and Professional Development programme with interactive workshops to develop emotional intelligence, greater awareness of self and others, improved presentation and negotiation skills, as well as a popular personal coaching scheme.

Gardens at GTC

Grounds of Green Templeton

Facilities for students with disabilities

The lecture theatre has lift access and is fitted with a loop aerial for use with hearing aids. The dining room on the ground floor of the Observatory is fully accessible.

A limited number of parking spaces are available at College houses and at Rewley Abbey Court.

Applicants with particular needs are encouraged to contact GTC in advance to discuss their requirements.


All GTC students are automatically members of the Graduate Common Room (GCR), which is the equivalent of the MCR in other colleges. Activities are based around the bar and games room in the Stables Building in the centre of the College.

The GCR Committee organises social and sporting events throughout the year, including activities specifically aimed at students with partners and/or families in Oxford.

Green Templeton College



Head of House

Professor Sir David Watson

Student numbers


Number of places for research students

c. 50


Number of places for taught graduate students

c. 185

College fees
College fee for graduates


College fee for the MBA



Exceptional arrangements apply in a small number of cases


University fees also apply


Continuation fee

£100 for each term is payable after fee liability has ceased


GTC expects to be able to provide two years’ accommodation for all students

Accommodation charges
Single rooms

£440–655 per month

Shared flats

£440-605 per month

Self-contained flats and houses

£850-1,300 per month