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Application Guide

Instructions to applicants for graduate study in 2014-2015

This Application Guide will help prospective students in preparing an application for graduate programmes offered by the University of Oxford.

This Guide applies to all candidates seeking admission to a graduate programme at Oxford; it also applies to all Oxford graduate students applying for readmission to a doctoral programme, in addition to the supplementary guidance in the Guidance for continuing Oxford graduates.

Along with this introductory page, the Application Guide consists of three pages:

It is essential that you read all of this guidance carefully before you submit your application in order to ensure that you provide the required details and materials.

The Application Guide provides information on the following:

  • Completing the graduate application form
  • Materials you will need to supply to support your application, including academic references (letters of recommendation)
  • Meeting the appropriate application and funding deadlines
  • The decision-making process for applications


Please note that this Application Guide and the application forms to which it refers do not cover applications to the programmes of study listed below at the University of Oxford.

Please consult the following online resources for admissions information relating to these programmes of study:

Important note on published information

The web-based version of this Application Guide and the information provided in the online Graduate Prospectus 2014-15 are definitive and contain the most current and comprehensive details regarding the admissions process and requirements. These materials may be subject to change. Applicants should therefore consider the version currently available online as the definitive source of information at any given time.

Departmental and college websites may repeat some of the information regarding the admissions process for graduate students and graduate readmission students; however, please note that in case of any discrepancies this Application Guide and the online Graduate Prospectus are binding.

This is a guide to entry in 2014-15 and should not be used for applications for admission in subsequent years. Information regarding 2015-16 admissions will be available online from September 2014.


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