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About the University

Graduate Prospectus 2014-15

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The University’s international reputation for world-leading research and its range of resources including libraries, laboratories and other specialist facilities attract a great deal of interest from students all over the world. Oxford’s departments and colleges seek to admit graduate students of the very highest academic calibre and future potential, irrespective of nationality or other background.

In this section, you can explore the wide range of support and services the University offers its community of graduate students, from state-of-the-art sports facilities to subsidised childcare.

Student Surveys

Our Student Surveys section contains the results of a wide range of student surveys that have been undertaken by the University. Applicants can use this information to discover more about the student experience at Oxford. With the exception of summary data from the National Student Survey of Undergraduates, the results from all of our Student Surveys are accessible to applicants. 

Photograph credits

Top row (left to right):  Hope Stockton, MSt History of Art and Visual Culture; Edgar Y Mao, DPhil English; Christian Yates, DPhil Systems Biology; Anders Sandberg (CC BY-NC 2.0).

Bottom row (left to right): Ekaterina Soboleva, Magister Juris;  Yixing Wu, DPhil Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics; Jaani Riordan, DPhil Law; Alyssa Ovadis, MSt History of Art and Visual Culture.