Lifelong Learning

Each year thousands of people take up lifelong learning opportunities through Oxford University.

  • Our Department for Continuing Education enrols more than 15,000 students annually on over 600 short and part-time courses. Students can study in Oxford, in the region or online, for general interest and/or for an Oxford qualification.
  • Courses on offer include evening and weekend classes, residential and summer schools, undergraduate and graduate level qualifications, professional development programmes and courses for international groups.
  • There are a wide range of subjects to choose from and courses last from one day to several weeks. Residential courses are held in Oxford, but other part-time courses are also held in a large number of other centres. Online courses recruit nationally and internationally.
  • The University, through the Department for Continuing Education, has developed a rich diversity of online resources and course materials for both part-time and full-time students. Other University departments are also actively involved with online learning materials, including the Learning Technologies Group, Oxford Digital Library, the Oxford Internet Institute, and Continuing Education’s Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning Production and Research Unit.
  • Kellogg College, which works closely with the Department for Continuing Education, accepts mature postgraduate students, and places special emphasis on part-time study, offering an increasing number of part-time postgraduate courses.
  • All degree courses at Oxford are open to mature students (those over 21), and all colleges consider applications from mature students.
  • Harris Manchester College offers Oxford degree courses solely to mature students. It offers full-time study opportunities to people who may have missed out on a university education the first time around and to those who, having finished one career, wish to retrain for a new one.