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Tuition and college fees

Tuition and college fees

For graduate courses, the following is payable each year for the duration of your fee liability:

  • a University tuition fee
  • a college fee

Fees will usually increase annually. For details, please see our guidance on likely increases to fees and charges.

Where can I find details of University tuition and college fees for each course?

Our individual course pages provide details of the University tuition and college fees for all courses, including whether the amount shown is a fee for the entire course, an annual fee or a modular fee. Alternatively, you can use the Fees, funding and scholarship search to look for fees for your course as well as information about potential funding options that may be available to you.

About the graduate college fee

In addition to being a member of the University department or faculty, all graduate students at Oxford are members of a college (except those taking non-matriculated courses). Each college charges a fee that is separate from, and in addition to, the University tuition fee. The graduate college fee covers academic facilities and other services that are provided by your college, but does not include accommodation or meals. Graduate students on modular courses do not pay a separate college fee. Overseas students in Year 1 of Graduate Entry Medicine are charged college fees at the undergraduate rate.

For more information on the estimated cost of accommodation and meals, please see the information on living costs and college rents and other charges.

The full-time college fee for graduate students studying in 2018/19 is £3,112

The full-time college fee for the following courses is not charged at the standard graduate rate:

  • Overseas students in Year 1 of Graduate Entry Medicine (undergraduate rate = £7,570)
  • MBA (£3,150)