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Socio-Legal Studies

The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (CSLS) is at the forefront of multidisciplinary research into the nature and role of law in society.

Being multidisciplinary by definition, the CSLS brings together scholars with diverse academic backgrounds and ambitions, who pursue their own research topics and are also encouraged to collaborate widely and develop multi-facetted research programmes. They address fundamental questions about the nature of law, its relations with morality, religion, and justice, and its role in government and community, the nature of rules and legalistic thought, the development of laws, legal systems and legal cultures, and the social character of the rule of law.

The CSLS welcomes students who wish to pursue research in any aspect of socio-legal studies, broadly defined. Every member of staff in the centre has expertise in a field other than doctrinal law – including anthropology, jurisprudence, political science, psychology and sociology - and supervision can be offered in most areas of social-legal studies.

The CSLS has a community of around fifteen full-time research staff and thirty graduate research students. Links with leading scholars in Oxford’s Faculty of Law and throughout the University enhance the breadth of the centre’s research and the resources made available to students.