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Cutting DNA bands from an agarose gel in the laboratory
(Image Credit: Laurynas Pliuskys / Graduate Photography Competition)


The Department of Oncology is part of the Medical Sciences Division. Under the leadership of Professor Gillies McKenna, the department aims to enhance clinical and basic cancer research at Oxford by maximising opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration and scientific interaction.

The Department of Oncology graduate programme provides a fully-integrated state-of-the-art research training environment in oncology and radiobiology. In addition to the MSc in Radiation Biology and MSc in Experimental Therapeutics, the department offers established DPhil and MSc by Research programmes that engage students in high-quality basic and clinically-applied research, with the aim of training future leaders in the fields of cancer biology and applied biology and radiotherapy for cancer.


Oncology DPhil
Oncology MSc by Research
Radiation Oncology combined MSc and DPhil