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Wycliffe Hall
Wycliffe Hall.
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Wycliffe Hall

Wycliffe Hall is an evangelical theological college set within the University of Oxford. 

Wycliffe Hall aims to equip students through excellent academic teaching, practical ministry experience, and living as part of a vibrant and supportive Christian community. Wycliffe Hall students and tutors consistently gain high academic awards within the University and alumni have experienced some fantastic success as theologians, apologists and church leaders.

Wycliffe Hall offers a number of excellent postgraduate qualifications - both taught and research focused. Prospective students are encourage to contact the Hall first before formally applying to discuss which course would be most appropriate for them. It is also important to note that Wycliffe places a strong emphasis on Christian community and commitment, and graduate students are encouraged to play an active part in the life and community of the Hall, as far as the nature of their course allows.

Accommodation and meals

Rooms are available for single students on Wycliffe Hall’s main site.  Around half the rooms are available through the Christmas and Easter vacations, some of which are also available during the summer vacation.

As all students are of graduate age, whether on a graduate or undergraduate course, accommodation is not split by student type and all students are entered into the same application process.  Around 50% of graduate students are housed in college accommodation.

First year graduate students may apply for accommodation once an offer has been accepted, and rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority for year round accommodation given to international students.  Continuing students are given the option of remaining in their accommodation.

All accommodation for single students is on site. There is sometimes accommodation available for couples or families, mostly located off-site in separate houses around the city. One room on the main site is suitable for use by a student with physical difficulties. There is also a crèche in Wycliffe Hall, on the main site, which is open four mornings per week.

In terms of catering arrangements, meals are only available in the dining hall during term. 60 meals in hall per term are included in the cost of on-site accommodation. Each accommodation block on-site contains a fully-equipped kitchen.

Further information on accommodation at Wycliffe Hall is available on the college website.

Library and IT services

Wycliffe Hall has a well-resourced theological library and actively acquires the latest theological books, articles and publications.

There is a Graduate Study Room with facilities for private study. Wifi access is available throughout all main buildings and network connections are provided in all study areas and student bedrooms, in addition to the Hall's well-equipped computer suite.

Sport, music and college facilities

Students regularly take part in leading music for daily chapel services.

Wycliffe Hall runs football and cricket teams which play in the University league. The Hall also has a strong sporting partnership with The Queen's College where rowing, rugby, hockey, lacrosse and many more sporting activities are available.

The Hall is adjacent to the University Parks and many students take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings for walks, runs and informal sporting activities.

Students and staff also collaborate each year to put on the 'Wycliffe Revue'. The Revue is different every year but includes a variety music, drama and comedic items. 

Wycliffe Hall has graduate study rooms with facilities for private study and a kitchenette.

Spouses and children are very welcome for meals in the college and at community events - Wycliffe has a small playground and crèche for students who have families.

Facilities for students with disabilities

Wycliffe Hall welcomes applications from students with disabilities. Some buildings are wheelchair-accessible and the Hall is committed to making reasonable adjustments to facilitate students with disabilities.

Common Room

Wycliffe's Common Room is a student-only space equipped with a kitchen, television, newspapers, a pool table and plenty of comfortable furniture for socialising.