Nobel Laureates

The Nobel Prize has been awarded every year since 1901 for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. It is an international award administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden.

Oxford University Nobel Prize winners:


Professor Robert H Grubbs
Academic staff 2005Christensen Visiting Fellow, St Catherine's, 1997
Ahmed Zewail
Academic staff 1999Christensen Visiting Fellow, St Catherine's & Hinshelwood Lecturer, 1991-92
Sir John Walker St Catherine's 1997 
Sir John Cornforth St Catherine's 1975  
Robert Mulliken Academic staff  1966Fullbright Scholar and Visiting Fellow, St John's 1952-54 
Dorothy Hodgkin Somerville 1964Fellow, Somerville, 1935-46; Lecturer, 1946-56; Reader in X-ray Crystallography, 1956-60; Wolfson Research Professor, 1960-77; Fellow, Wolfson, 1977-83
Sir Alexander ToddOriel 1957 
Sir Cyril Hinshelwood
Balliol 1956Tutor, Trinity, 1921-37; Dr Lee's Professor of Chemistry 1937-64
Linus Pauling Academic staff
1954George Eastman Visiting Professor and Fellow of Balliol, 1948
Sir Robert Robinson
Academic staff  1947Waynflete Professor of Chemistry; Fellow of Magdalen, 1930-55
Frederick SoddyMerton
1921Dr Lee's Professor of Chemistry, 1919-37


A Michael Spence Magdalen   2001
Joseph E Stiglitz
Academic staff 2001
Drummond Professor of Political Economy; Fellow of All Souls, 1976-79; Visiting Fellow, St Catherine’s, 1973-74
Amartya Sen
Academic staff   1998  Fellow of Nuffield, 1977-80; Drummond Professor of Political Economy & Fellow of All Souls 1980-88 
Sir James Mirrlees   Academic staff   1996  Edgeworth Professor of Economics; Fellow of Nuffield, 1968-95 
Robert Solow
Academic staff   1987  George Eastman Visiting Professor; Fellow of Balliol, 1968-69 
Lawrence Klein   Lincoln   1980   
James E Meade
Oriel   1977   
Gunnar Myrdal
Academic staff   1974  Fellow of Balliol, 1959 
Sir John Hicks
Balliol  1972  Fellow, Nuffield, 1946-52; Drummond Professor of Political Economy 1952-65; Research Fellow, All Souls, 1965-71 


Sir VS (Vidiadhar) NaipaulUniversity 2001  
Seamus Heaney Academic staff 1995 Professor of Poetry 1989-94 
William GoldingBrasenose 1983   
T S Eliot Merton 1948   
John Galsworthy New 1932


Sir John Gurdon
Christ Church
2012Assistant Lecturer in Zoology, Department of Zoology, 1962-71
Oliver SmithiesBalliol
Sydney Brenner Exeter
Sir Paul Nurse
Academic staff 2001 Iveagh Professor of Microbiology; Fellow, Linacre, 1987-91 
Sir John Vane
St Catherine's
Baruch S Blumberg
Balliol  1976 Master of Balliol, 1989-94 
Nikolas Tinbergen
Academic staff  1973 Fellow of Merton, 1950-66; Professor of Animal Behaviour 1966-76 
Rodney Porter
Academic staff  1972 Whitley Professor of Biochemistry; Fellow of Trinity, 1967-85 
Ragnar Granit
Academic staff  1967 Visiting Fellow, St Catherine's, 1967
Sir John Eccles
Magdalen  1963 Staines Medical Fellowship, Exeter College, Tutorial Fellowship, Magdalen College, University Demonstrator, 1934-37 
Sir Peter Medawar
Magdalen  1960 Fellow, Magdalen, 1938-44; Senior Research Fellow, St John's & Demonstrator in Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, 1944-46 
Severo Ochoa  Academic staff  1959 Demonstrator and Nuffield Research Assistant 1938-41 
George Wells Beadle
Academic staff  1958 George Eastman Visiting Professor and Fellow of Balliol, 1958 
Sir Ernest Chain  Academic staff  1945 Lecturer in Chemical Pathology; Fellow of University College, 1936-48   
Lord (Howard) Florey
Magdalen  1945 Professor of Pathology 1935-62; Provost of The Queen's College, 1962-68 
Sir Charles Sherrington
Academic staff  1932 Waynflete Professor of Physiology; Fellow of Magdalen, 1913-36 


José Ramos-Horta Academic staff 1996  Senior Associate Member, St Antony's, 1987 
Aung Sang Suu Kyi St Hugh's1991   
Linus Pauling Academic staff 1962 George Eastman Visiting Professor 1948 
Lester B Pearson St John's1957  
Viscount Cecil of ChelwoodUniversity 1937   


Anthony J Leggett Balliol, Merton, Magdalen 2003
Fellow, Magdalen, 1963-67 
Norman Ramsey
Academic  staff 1989  John Simon Guggenheim Fellow 1953-54, George Eastman Visiting Professor 1973-74 
John H Van Vleck
Academic  staff 1977 George Eastman Visiting Professor 1961-62 
Sir Martin Ryle
Christ Church1974  
Erwin Schrödinger
Academic  staff 1933  Fellow of Magdalen, 1933-36 

* Colleges are listed for those Laureates who studied at Oxford.

Excluded from this list are those Nobel Laureates whose only connection with Oxford is that they were awarded an honorary degree by the University, and those Laureates who came to Oxford after receiving their Nobel prize.
Sir John Gurdon

Sir John Gurdon, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1991

V S Naipaul

V S Naipaul, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001