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Johm Boland

John Boland won Olympic golds in the Tennis Singles and Doubles at the Games of the I Olympiad (1896).

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley won gold as part of the USA Basketball team in 1964.

Dan Carroll

Dan Carroll won two Olympic golds in Rugby Union – in 1908 representing Australia and in 1920 representing USA.

Daisy Dick, an Oxford Alumna, on her horse, Spring Along.

Daisy Dick rode Spring Along to a bronze medal in Team Eventing at the Beijing Olympics (2008).

Eddie Eagan

Edward Eagan is one of only two persons to have won a gold medal at both Summer and Winter Olympic Games taking Boxing gold in 1920 and Bobsleigh gold in 1932.

Boat Race 2011

Oxford University has a rich history in rowing and many Blues have gone on to represent their country in the Olympics – none more successfully than Matthew Pinsent who won four golds in successive Olympics.

HM Olav V of Norway

His Majesty King Olav V of Norway won Olympic gold in sailing in 1928. His son, HM Harald V of Norway is also a keen sailor who has represented his country in three Olympic games.

Oxonian Olympians

Oxford is extremely proud of the 158 Olympic medals that its alumni have won on behalf of many nations across the globe. Hundreds of our alumni have participated and many more have been at the heart of helping to stage the modern Olympics, including London 2012. Below you will find details of Oxonians who have competed in Olympic and Paralympic Games, listed by athlete, medal type and year.

Gold: 80 Silver: 44 Bronze: 34

This list may not be definitive and we would be delighted to hear from you regarding other Oxonians who need to be included. For some athletes from many years ago, we are struggling to identify the Oxford college they attended – can you help? We also invite any stories to help bring these names and achievements to life. To contact us about Oxford and the Olympics, please email Carolyne Culver. If you would like to find out more about Sport at Oxford, please visit www.campaign.ox.ac.uk/sport.

Forenames Surname Event Result - Year Country competed for College (where known)
(Princess) Haya Al-Hussein Equestrian 2000 Jordan St Hilda's
Laurie Anderson Athletics (110m hurdles) 1912 GB Trinity
(Lord) John Jacob Astor Squash Racquets, Singles & Doubles Gold - 1908 (singles); Bronze - 1908 (doubles) GB New College
(Sir) Roger Bannister Athletics (1500m) 4th - 1952 GB Exeter
Harold Barker Rowing (Coxless Four) Silver - 1908 GB Christ Church
Raymond (Ray) Barkway Athletics (110m hurdles) 1948 GB Exeter
R C I Bate Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB St Edmund Hall
John Hadfield (Jack) Bennett Hockey Gold - 1920 GB Magdalen
Tim Berrett Athletics (50km and 20km racewalk) 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 Canada Brasenose
Arthur Berry Association Football Gold - 1908, Gold - 1912 GB Wadham
Ranjit Bhatia Athletics (5000m; Men's Marathon) 11th - 1960 (5000m); 60th - 1960 (Men's Marathon) India Jesus College
Christopher Bland Fencing 1960 Ireland Queen's
John Bland Rowing (coxless four) 9th - 1984 GB Merton
Roberto Blanda Rowing (Eight) 9th - 1992, 1996 Italy Brasenose
Wilfred Bleaden Athletics (Long Jump) 1908 GB Brasenose
John M P Boland Lawn Tennis, Singles & Doubles Gold - 1896 (singles); Gold -1896 (doubles) GB Christ Church
Graham Bond Gymnastics 1956, 1960, 1964 Australia Balliol
Alison Bonner Rowing (Coxless Pair) 8th - 1988 GB Magdalen
John Boulter Athletics (800m and 1500m) 1964 (800m); 1968 (1500m) GB Queen's
Robert Bourne Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
Robin Bourne-Taylor Rowing (Eight 2004, Pair 2008) 9th - 2004; 13th - 2008 GB Christ Church
Ian Hugh (Ian) Boyd Athletics (1500m) 8th - 1956 GB Brasenose
Bill Bradley Basketball Gold - 1964 USA Worcester
Sian Brice Athletics (Triathlon) 2000 GB  
George Bridgewater Rowing (Pair) Bronze - 2008 New Zealand Oriel
Henry Brougham Racquets Bronze - 1908 GB Brasenose
Susan Brown Rowing (Women's Coxed Four) 6th - 1980 GB Wadham
Brodie Buckland Rowing (Coxless Pair) 5th - 2012 Australia Jesus
Bridget Buckley Rowing (Women's Coxed Four) 6th - 1980 GB Corpus Christi
Henry C Bucknall Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1908 GB Merton
Beaufort Burdekin Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
Edgar R Burgess Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1912 GB Magdalen
Richard D [son] Burnell Rowing (Double Sculls) Gold - 1948 GB Magdalen
Charles D [father] Burnell Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1908 GB Magdalen
Odd-Even Bustnes Rowing (Coxless Four) 8th - 1996 Norway University
John Carleton Skiing (Cross Country & Nordic Combined) 1924 USA Magdalen
Stephen Carnelly Athletics (5 mile) 1906 GB Exeter
Denys Carnill Hockey Bronze - 1952; 4th - 1956, 1960 (Captain both years) GB Worcester
Dan Carroll Rugby Gold - 1908; Gold - 1920. Australia - 1908, USA - 1920 New College
Helen Casey Rowing (Women's Lightweight Double Sculls) 9th - 2004; 11th - 2008 GB Worcester
Christopher Chataway Athletics (5000m) 5th - 1952; 11th - 1956 GB Magdalen
Noel Chavasse Athletics (400m) 1908 GB Trinity
Christopher Chavasse Athletics (400m) 1908 GB Trinity
J R Chester Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB  
Lewis Clive Rowing (Coxless Pairs) Gold - 1932 GB Christ Church
Wesley Coe Shot put, tug of war Silver - 1904; 4th - 1908 (shotput); 1908 (tug of war) USA Christ Church
John Coker Boxing 1968 Sierra Leone St Catherine's
CharlesColeRowing (Coxless four)Bronze - 2012USAKellogg
Robert Collins Rowing (Coxed Four) 1948 GB Trinity
Ed Coode Rowing (Coxless Pair & Coxless Four) Gold - 2004 (Four), 4th - 2000 (Pair) GB Keble
Stephanie J Cook Modern Pentathlon Gold - 2000 GB Lincoln
Theodore Cook Mixed Literature Silver - 1920 GB Wadham
Flt Lt Mrs Alex Coomber Skeleton Bronze - 2002 GB Hertford
Graham Vaughan Cooper Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB Keble
Jerry Cornes Athletics (1500m) Silver - 1932; 1936 GB Corpus Christi
Lionel Cornish Athletics (Long Jump) 1908 GB Lincoln
Morgan Crooks Rowing (Eight) 7th - 2000 Canada St Anne's
(Hon Sir) Robert C Cudmore Rowing (Coxless Four) Gold - 1908 GB Magdalen
Peter Curry Athletics (3000m steeplechase) 1948 GB Oriel
Christopher G V Davidge Rowing (Eight; Coxless Four; Coxless Pair) 1952, 1956, 1960 GB Trinity
Colin Mark Davis Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB Hertford
Umberto De Morpugo Tennis (singles) Bronze - 1924 Italy  
Emily deRiel USA Modern Pentathlon Silver - 2000 USA University
Rafael di Tella Fencing (épée) 1988, 1992 Argentina Keble
Daisy (Katherine) Dick Team Eventing (equestrian) Bronze - 2008 GB Worcester
Alan Dick Athletics (4x400m relay, 400m) 5th - 1952 (4x400m relay) GB Keble
Robert Dickinson Athletics (High Jump) 1924 GB Oriel
Terrence (Terry) Dillon Rowing (Coxed Fours & Eight) 4th - 1988 (Eight); 9th - 1992 (Coxed Fours) GB Oriel
Edward Eagan Boxing, Bobsleigh Gold - 1920 (Boxing); Gold - 1932 (Bobsleigh) USA New College
Hugh R A (Jumbo) Edwards Rowing (Coxless Pair & Coxless Four) Gold - 1932 (pairs); Gold - 1932 (fours) GB Christ Church
Ian Lea Elliott Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB Keble
Mark Evans Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1984 Canada University
John (Mike) Evans Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1984 Canada University
Annabel Eyres Rowing (Double Sculls) 5th - 1992 GB Pembroke
John C Field-Richards Motor Boating Gold - 1908 (Mixed B Class), Gold - 1908 (Mixed C Class) GB Keble
Jonathan Fish Rowing (coxed pairs) 11th - 1988 USA Mansfield
Richard Fishlock Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB St Edmund Hall
William Guy Fison Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
Philip Fleming Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1912 GB Magdalen
Robin A Fletcher Hockey Bronze - 1952 GB Trinity
Tim Foster Rowing (Eight & Coxless Four) Gold - 2000; Bronze - 1996; 1992 GB St Cross
DanielFoxMen's Hockey4th - 2012GBSt Edmund Hall
Scott Frandsen Rowing (Pair) 6th - 2012; Silver - 2008 Canada St Edmund Hall
James Fraser-Mackenzie Rowing (Single sculls) 30th - 2012 Zimbabwe Trinity
Fiona M E Freckleton Rowing (Eight) 7th -1992 GB Somerville
Alice Freeman Rowing (Women's Eight) 5th - 2008 GB St Edmund Hall
Justin Frishberg Wheelchair Rugby 4th - 2008; 4th - 2004 GB Balliol
Alan Fyffe Athletics (Hammer) 9th - 1908 GB University
Arthur S Garton Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1912 GB Magdalen
Roland D George Rowing (Coxless Four) Gold - 1932 GB Lincoln
Alison Gill Rowing (Double Sculls, Women's Eight) 9th - 1988 (Double Sculls); 5th - 1992 (Double Sculls); 7th - 1996 (Eight) GB St Hilda's
James A Gillan Rowing (Coxless Four & Eight) Gold - 1908 (Fours); Gold - 1912 (Eight) GB Magdalen
Thomas Gillespie Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
(Sir) Albert C Gladstone Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1908 GB Christ Church
Thomas Glen-Coats Sailing (mixed 12 metres) Gold - 1908 GB Merton
Charles Gmelin Athletics (400m Hurdles; 4 x 400m Relay) Bronze - 1896 GB Keble
Jen Goldsack Rowing (Women's Lightweight Double Sculls) 10th -2008 USA Somerville
Colin Gordon Athletics (High Jump) 1928 GB Christ Church
Joanne Elizabeth Gough Rowing (Coxed Four) 6th - 1988 GB St Catherine's
Grantley T S Goulding Athletics (110m hurdles) Silver - 1896 GB  
Wayne Graham Hockey 10th - 1996 (captain) South Africa Keble
William H Grenfell (Lord Desborough) Fencing (épée, team) Silver - 1906 GB Balliol
Charles Grimes Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1956 USA Christ Church
Luka Grubor Rowing (Eight) Gold - 2000 GB Somerville
Norwood Hallowell Athletics (1500m) 6th - 1932 GB Balliol
Norman F Hallows Athletics (1500m & 3 miles - team) Gold - 1908 (team) ; Bronze - 1908 GB Keble
Sjoerd Hamburger Rowing (Eights, 2012; single sculls, 2008) 5th - 2012; 13th - 2008 Netherlands Oriel
Thomas Hampson Athletics (800m; 4 x 400m Relay) Gold - 1932 (indv); Silver - 1932 (relay) GB St Catherine's
Roland (Roly) Harper Athletics (110m hurdles) 1932 GB Lincoln
John Healey Rowing (Coxed Four) 1948 GB Brasenose
David P Hemery Athletics (400m Hurdles; 4 x 400m Relay) Gold - 1968 (and WR); Silver - 1972; Bronze - 1972; 5th - 1968 GB St Catherine's
Walter Henderson Athletics (High Jump, Long Jump, Discus, Javelin) 1908 (all), 1912 (discus) GB Trinity
Jan Herzog Rowing (Coxless Pair & Coxless Four) 6th - 2004; 11th - 2000 Germany St Catherine's
Tommy Hitchcock Polo Silver - 1924 USA Brasenose
Alan Hobkirk Hockey 10th - 1976 Canada Jesus College
Mike Hogan Athletics (400m hurdles) 1964 GB Trinity
Harold Holding Athletics (800m) 1908 GB Oriel
Simon Hollingsworth Athletics (400m hurdles) 1992 Australia Exeter
Ewart D Horsfall Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1912; Silver - 1920 GB Magdalen
Henry W F (Bill) Hoskyns Fencing (épée, team) Silver - 1960; Silver 1964; 1956-1976 GB Magdalen
Nicholas (Nick) Howarth Athletics (1500m) 2004 Australia Christ Church
Jennifer Howitt Wheelchair Basketball Gold - 2004 USA St John's
Kenneth R G Hunt Association Football Gold - 1908 GB Queen's
Chris Huntingdon Rowing (Coxed Fours) 1988 USA Mansfield
Eric Hussey Athletics (110m hurdles) 1908 GB Hertford
Jonathan Hutton Athletics (Pole Vault) 1964 Balliol  
Yinka Idowu Athletics (Long Jump) 23rd - 1992 GB  
Arnold N S Jackson (later Strode-Jackson) Athletics (1500m) Gold - 1912 (and OR) GB Brasenose
Pauline Janson Rowing (Women's Coxed Four) 6th - 1980 GB St Hilda's
Allan Jay Fencing (épée, individual and team) Silver - 1960 (individual and team); 1952-1968 GB St Edmund Hall
Wilfrid Johnson Lacrosse Silver - 1908 GB Balliol
Derek Johnson Athletics (800m & 4x400m relay) Silver - 1956 (800m); Bronze - 1956 (4x400 relay) GB Lincoln
David Moffatt (Don) Johnson Athletics (400m, 4x400m relay) 4th - 1924 (both) Canada Balliol
Rosara Joseph Cycling - Mountain Bike 9th - 2008 New Zealand St John's
Wilfred Kalaugher Athletics (110m hurdles; Triple Jump) 1928 (both) New Zealand Balliol
Frederick S Kelly Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1908 GB Balliol
Wilfred Kent-Hughes Athletics (110m hurdles, 400m hurdles) 1920 Australia Christ Church
Howard Kingsbury Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1924 USA Queen's
Edgar Kiralfy Athletics (100m) 1908 USA  
Alister G Kirby Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1912 GB Magdalen
Desmond Koh Swimming 1988, 1992, 1996 Singapore Oriel
Ante Kusurin Rowing (Double Sculls) 2008 Croatia St Catherine's
Bill William James Lang Rowing (Coxed Pair) 8th - 1984 GB Magdalen
Raymond (Ray) Lange Athletics (100m) 1912 USA St John's
William Leckie Rowing (Coxed Four) 1948 GB Brasenose
Roger Leigh-Wood Athletics (400m, 4x400m relay) 5th - 1928 (4x400m relay) GB Trinity
Andrew J R Lindsay Rowing (Eight) Gold - 2000 GB Brasenose
Colonel Alexander Lindsay Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB Magdalen
Charles Littlejohn Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
Tom Longstaff Mixed Alpinism Gold - 1924 GB Christ Church
ConstantineLouloudisRowing (Eights)Bronze - 2012GBTrinity
John Edward (Jack) Lovelock Athletics (1500m) Gold - 1936; 1932 New Zealand Exeter
Daniel Lyons Rowing (Coxed Pairs) 1988 USA Oriel
Duncan Mackinnon Rowing (Coxless Four) Gold - 1908 GB Magdalen
Christopher Mackintosh Athletics (Long Jump) 6th - 1924 GB University
Gilchrist S Maclagen Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1908 GB Magdalen
Chris Mahoney Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1980; 5th - 1984 GB Oriel
Selwyn Maister Hockey Gold - 1976; 1968 - 1972 New Zealand Magdalen
Sholto W (Charles) Marcon Hockey Gold - 1920 GB Oriel
Hugh P Matheson Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1976; 6th - 1980; 10th - 1972 GB Keble
Paul Mattick Rowing (Lightweight Four) 5th - 2008 GB Hertford
Ernest May Athletics (Discus, Hammer, Javelin) 1908 GB Oriel
John McBryde Hockey Bronze - 1964; 6th - 1960 Australia  
Murray (Tich) McLachlan Swimming (400m & 1500m Freestyle) 6th - 1960 South Africa Wadham
Tom McMillen Basketball Silver - 1972 USA University
John Metcalf Athletics (400m Hurdles) 1960 GB Pembroke
Adrian P Metcalfe Athletics (4 x 400m Relay; 400m) Silver - 1964; 1964 GB Magdalen
Evelyn Montague Athletics (3000m steeplechase) 6th - 1924 GB Magdalen
Robert C L Montgomerie Fencing (épée, team) Silver - 1908; Silver - 1912; 1908-1924 GB Worcester
Jock (John) Mullard Rowing (Eight) 10th - 1968 GB Keble
William C Moore Athletics (3000m team; 1500m) Bronze - 1912; 1912 GB Exeter
Vernon Morgan Athletics (3000m steeplechase) 1928 GB Christ Church
(Lord) Colin Moynihan Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1980 GB University
Tucker Murphy 15k cross country ski 88th -2010 Bermuda Merton
Fergus Murray Athletics (10000m) 22nd - 1964 GB St Catherine's
Richard Nerurkar Athletics (10000m, marathon) 17th - 1992 (10000m); 5th - 1996 (marathon) GB University
Acer Nethercott Rowing (Eight) Silver - 2008 GB University
Guy Nickalls Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1908 GB Magdalen
Patteson Nickalls Polo Gold - 1908 GB New College
Henrik Nilsson Rowing (Quadruple Sculls) 6th - 1996 Sweden Hertford
Malcolm Nokes Athletics (Hammer) Bronze - 1924; 11th- 1928 GB Magdalen
Richard O A Norris Hockey Bronze - 1952 GB St John's
Alison Norrish Rowing (Coxless Four) 6th - 1988 GB University
Bayes Norton Athletics (200m) 5th - 1924 USA University
Henry Nwume Bobsleigh 17th - 2010 GB Brasenose
Rupert J Obholzer Rowing (Coxless Four) Bronze - 1996 GB St Catherine's
Richard Oliver Hockey 1968; 1972 GB St Edmund Hall
Arthur Page Jeu De Paume 4th - 1908 GB Magdalen
William Barclay Livingstone (Tiny) Palmer Athletics (Shot put) 12th - 1956 GB St Peter's
William Parker Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB  
Alan Pennington Athletics (100m, 200m, 4x400m) 1936 GB Hertford
Christopher Penny Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1984 USA St John's
Lance Percival Athletics (400m hurdles) 1928 GB Trinity
John Misha Petkevich Figure Skating 6th - 1968; 5th - 1972 USA Magdalen
Eric Prabhakar Philip Athletics (100m) 1948 India Christ Church
Ashleigh Pilbrow Athletics (110m hurdles) 1936 GB Queen's
Matthew Pinsent Rowing (Coxless Pairs, Coxless Fours) Gold - 1992; Gold - 1996; Gold - 2000; Gold - 2004 GB St Catherine's
Edward Pitblado Ice Hockey Bronze - 1924 GB Queen's
Frederick S Pitman Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
Arthur Porritt Athletics (100m, 200m) Bronze - 1924; 1924 New Zealand Magdalen
Cyril Porter Athletics (3000m team & 5000m) Bronze - 1912 GB Brasenose
Mark Precious Hockey Bronze - 1984 GB University
A J R Purssell Rowing (Coxed Four) 1948 GB Oriel
Mari Rabie Triathlon 2008 South Africa St Catherine's
Mike Ralph Athletics (Triple Jump) 1964 GB St Edmund Hall
Peter Reed Rowing (Coxless Four) Gold - 2012; Gold - 2008 GB Oriel
Patricia Reid Rowing (Women's Single Sculls) 9th - 1992 GB Somerville
George Renwick Athletics (4x400m relay) Bronze - 1924 GB New College
Peter Reynolds Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB Wadham/St Edmund Hall
Lawrence Frederick (Bob) Roberts Athletics (High Jump) 1924 South Africa  
Bruce Robertson Rowing (Eights); Rowing (Coxless fours) Gold- 1992 (Eights); 11th - 1988 (Coxless fours) Canada Keble
George Stuart Robertson Tennis (Singles, Doubles); Athletics (Shotput, Discus) Bronze - 1896 (Doubles); 8th -1896 (Singles); 4th - 1896 (Shotput); 6th - 1896 (Discus) GB New College
John Y Robinson Hockey Gold - 1908 GB Merton
John Rogers Ice Hockey 4th - 1928 GB  
Bevil Rudd Athletics (400m, 800m, 4x400m relay) Gold - 1920 (400m); Silver - 1920 (800m); Bronze - 1920 (4x400m) South Africa Trinity
Annette Salmeen Swimming (800m freestyle relay) Gold - 1996 USA St John's
David Sawyier Rowing (Coxed Four) 5th - 1972 USA Christ Church
Jamie Schroeder Rowing (Quadruple Sculls) 5th - 2008 USA Christ Church
Jonathan W C Searle Rowing (Coxed Pairs, Coxed Four) Gold - 1992; Bronze - 1996 GB Christ Church
Robert Douglas (Bob) Shaw Athletics (400m hurdles) 1956 GB Exeter
D C Shaw Rowing (Eight) 1960 GB  
Al Shealy Rowing 1976 USA University
Jaipal Singh Hockey Gold - 1928 India St John's
Helge Sivertsen Athletics (Discus) 10th - 1936 Norway  
Barbara Slater Gymnastics 1976 GB St John's
Paul Smart Sailing (mixed two person keelboat) Gold - 1948 USA New College
Colin Smith Rowing (Eight) Silver - 2008 GB St Catherine's
Donal Smith Athletics (800m) 1960 New Zealand Merton
Eloise Smith Fencing (Women's Foil, Individual) 2000 GB St Edmund Hall
Tom Solesbury Rowing (Quadruple scull, 2012; Pair, 2008) 5th - 2012; 13th - 2008 GB University
John R Somers-Smith Rowing (Coxless Four) Gold - 1908 GB Magdalen
Bonnie St John Skiing (Downhill, Slalom & Giant Slalom) Silver - 1984 (overall performance); Bronze - 1984 (Slalom & Giant Slalom) USA Trinity
Nicholas (Nick) Stacey Athletics (4x400m relay; 200m) 5th - 1952 (4x400m relay); 1952 (200m) GB St Edmund Hall
Bill Stoddson Athletics (4x400m relay) Gold - 1924 USA Balliol
Gavin Stewart Rowing (Eight; Coxless Four) 1988 (Eight); 1992 (Coxless Four) GB Wadham
Edward Srutt Mixed Alpinism Gold - 1924 GB Christ Church
Harvey Vincent Sutton Athletics (800m) 1908 Australia New College
Roger Sutton Hockey 1964 GB St Edmund Hall
Matthew Syed Table Tennis 1992; 2000 GB Balliol
Norm Taber Athletics (3000m team, 1500m) Gold - 1912 (3000m); Bronze - 1912 (1500m) USA St John's Hall
Eng-Liang Tan Water Polo 1956 Singapore Balliol
DavisTarwaterSwimming (4x200m relay)Gold - 2012USASt Antony's
Ian Taylor Kockey 4th - 1960 GB St Edmund Hall
Jonathan J K Taylor Downhill & Slalom 1964 GB St Edmund Hall
Ping Tjin Thum Swimming (4 x 200 Freestyle relay, 100m & 200m Butterfly, 4 x 100m medley relay) 1996 Singapore Hertford
Andy Triggs-Hodge Rowing (Coxless Four) Gold - 2012; Gold - 2008 GB St Catherine's
SophieTroianoFencing (Women's individual foil)2012GBChrist Church
Geoffrey Tudor Athletics (3000m steeplechase) 9th - 1948 GB Christ Church
Alan Valentine Rugby Gold - 1924 USA Balliol
David Veit Hockey 1964 GB Brasenose
Colin von Ettingshausen Rowing (Coxless Pairs) Silver - 1992; 15th - 1996 Germany Keble
Michael M Walford Hockey Silver - 1948 GB Trinity
John Walker Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
Hugh Ward Rowing (Eight) 1912 Australia New College
Harry Warren Athletics 1928 Canada Queen's
Henry B Wells Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1912 GB Magdalen
Josh West Rowing (Eight) Silver - 2008 GB (staff)
David G Westcott Hockey Bronze - 1984 GB Brasenose
Jake Wetzel Rowing (Coxless Four, Eight, Quadruple Skulls) Gold - 2008, Silver - 2004; 7th 2000 Canada/USA Linacre
Mike Wherley Rowing (Coxless Four) 10th - 2004; 5th - 2000 USA Oriel
Arthur Wiggins Rowing (Eight) Silver - 1912 GB New College
Barney Williams Rowing (Coxless Four) Silver - 2004 Canada Jesus College
Buffy Williams Rowing (Women's Eight) Bronze - 2000; 4th - 2008 Canada St Hugh's
Herbert Wilson Polo Gold - 1908 GB New College
Peter Wilson Hockey 12th - 1968 GB St Edmund Hall
Cameron Winklevoss Rowing (Pair) 6th - 2008 USA Christ Church
Tyler Winklevoss Rowing (Pair) 6th - 2008 USA Christ Church
Wiliam Woodward Rowing (Coxed Four) 1948 GB Brasenose
Leslie G Wormwald Rowing (Eight) Gold - 1912 GB Magdalen
John Wyatt Hockey 6th - 2000 (Captain); 7th - 1996 GB Corpus Christi
Mara Yamauchi Athletics (Marathon) DNF - 2012; 6th - 2008 (equalled best ever placing by a Britsh woman in Olympic marathon) GB St Anne's
Thomas Yule Weightlifting 2000 GB Brasenose
HM Olav V of Norway   Sailing Gold - 1928 Norway Balliol
HM Harald V of Norway   Sailing 1964; 1968; 1972 Norway Balliol