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Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road, Oxford
Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road, Oxford
Credit: Bodleian Libraries

College structure and life

Parks College was officially established as a University society, like St Cross College and Kellogg College. In practice, Parks College is like any other Oxford graduate college, with the main difference being that it does not have a board of independent trustees (although it will have its own Governing Body).


The Official Fellows of Parks College will be senior Oxford academics who do not currently have a college fellowship. They will expected to collaborate across their different disciplines to organise informal and formal academic activities, such as seminar series, guest lectures or reading groups. Early career researchers with relevant interests to the Parks College research clusters will be appointed as College Research Fellows.

Associate and Visiting Fellows who hold relevant internal or external non-academic appointments will also be appointed, helping enrich the intellectual life of the Parks College, access areas of non-academic expertise, and reach new audiences for public engagement and knowledge exchange.

Recruitment for some of these roles is currently underway. Please see our Vacancies page for information.


Initially, we will focus recruitment efforts on postgraduate research students (PGRs) working in areas relevant to Parks College’s major research themes. Later, we will be able to increase and widen our intake to include both PGR and postgraduate taught (PGT) students, with a maximum intake of 200 students when we are at full capacity. All students will be on courses that address topics which are directly or indirectly related to our interdisciplinary research themes.

College life

While Parks College may take a few years to fully establish itself, the University is committed to ensuring that Parks College students enjoy a rich and stimulating intellectual and social experience, which is on a par with that at the other graduate colleges.

Students will be encouraged to play a full and active part in the intellectual life of the college, as much as developing social relationships and enjoying extracurricular activities. Our focus on cross-disciplinary interaction means that there will be a wide range of different initiatives, events and opportunities that students can choose to participate in, all of which will be designed to enrich their academic life, teach new skills and provide practical experiences to enhance their careers.

As with other graduate colleges at Oxford, Parks College will have an outward-looking and inclusive ethos, which embraces internationalism and diversity.

College facilities

Parks College will be co-located with the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL), a building currently undergoing extensive refurbishment until summer 2021. When refurbishments are complete, there will be a new porter's lodge; quiet study areas; offices for fellows and staff; multi-functional spaces for social occasions, collaborative working and public engagement initiatives; and a large dining hall. There will, of course, also be a College bar and common room.

There are no residential facilities in the main RSL building, and so accommodation for as many graduate students as possible will be offered off-site. Various options are currently under consideration for this. 

We will offer a full range of sporting, social and recreational activities, with some facilities (such as sports grounds or boathouse) provided through partnership with other colleges.