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Public space

The redevelopment of the ROQ site offers a unique opportunity to create public spaces that people can enjoy. With the clearance of the old, non-listed buildings that cluttered the area, the iconic Radcliffe Observatory can be given the space it needs to be appreciated from multiple viewpoints.

Landscaping and planting near St Luke's ChapelLandscaping and planting near St Luke's Chapel

The first phase of landscaping and planting around the Mathematical Institute and Radcliffe Humanities has been completed, creating an attractive, open space for the public, as well as for University students and staff. As the planting matures, this area will provide a refreshing green environment.

Further planting and landscaping is planned for the summer of 2014. In due course the Radcliffe Observatory Garden will be developed in the area of the site near the Observatory. The intention is to reflect the character of the existing Observatory garden with its informal lawns and tree planting. The garden space will provide a comfortable area for people to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The proposed trees will frame the views of the Observatory, and informal mounds will create visual and spatial interest. Creative lighting will help direct pedestrians through the area.